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Sometimes, Mono Just Sucks

As I've said before, sometimes mono color strategies just do not work. Blue is definitely one of those times.

The blue cards themselves are even weaker on their own than green. You must utilize additional colors to even construct a tournament worthy deck. I stayed with the mono color theme and just used kicker costs as the other color (in this case black).

4x Faerie Squadron
4x Stormscape Apprentice
4x Opt

4x Sky Weaver
3x Arctic Merfolk
2x Sapphire Leech

4x Repulse
3x Probe
3x Stormscape Battlemage

4x Washout

2x Waterspout Elemental

4x Salt Marsh
3x Dromar's Cavern
16x Island

Washout for the win or no?

I don't think this deck is horrible, but it is pretty bad. It does utilize a theme of bounce and evasion. You might want to squeeze in some more white mana for the tapping ability of the Apprentice but I don't know how important that would be.

You could use a more control oriented build but I think that deck would be even worse. Your counterspell mix is so poor if you don't use additional colors that it isn't even worth it. You also don't have a kill creature that's worth its casting cost.

Next week we'll close things out with White Trash and Black Beasts.

Who can tell which deck will actually be good?

Until then,
Fletcher Peatross
The Biggest Ass in Texas