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with Fletcher Peatross

I know what you're saying... "Where has the biggest ass been keeping himself the last few weeks?"

I don't have much of an answer besides, "I've been going through alot in my life."

For those that could care less about my personal life, skip on down to the decklist and a little spiel about why Worldgorger Dragon will receive errata on day 1 of release.

For those that do care about what's been going on, I'll tell you.

I'm buying a house.
I'm getting married.
I'm going to become a father.

In that order. All by October.

I'm scared out of my mind.

I've been forced into the adult world and I'd have to say its a scary place. Up until this year, I had the luxury of going where I wanted, when I wanted. I could play Magic until 4am if I wanted, I could pick up and move to a new city, and new job, whatever. I've always felt comforted by that.

In a few days, I'll have a mortgage to worry about. Then I'll have to worry about committing to one person for the rest of my life. Then I'll have to worry about being responsible for another human being for at least 18 years. I've been under a bit of stress.

I took a break from the stress and played in regionals. I took a variation of Tog that was meant to be geared against the metagame. The metagame being creature decks. I went 6-3, losing to Squirrel-Opposition, Counter-Trenches, and U/G.

I also gained 11 whole points!

A little side note, I think that there should be a proportional level to the number of invites based on attendance. I think you can make it very simple. If you look at the attendance numbers, right around 300 people is the average. Give 8 invites for 300. For each 50 above that, give another invite. Ohio Valley had 688, that's 7 additional invites. How hard is that? It keeps people coming back to the tournament. They know that even if there is a large turnout, they still have a decent chance.

Alright, down to Magical business and why Worldgorger Dragon will see immediate errata.


Main Deck

4x Careful Study
4x Force of Will
4x Entomb
4x Animate Dead
3x Worldgorger Dragon
2x Stroke of Genius
3x Frantic Search
4x Vampiric Tutor
4x Whispers of the Muse
4x Duress
4x Dance of the Dead

4x Underground Sea
4x Underground River
4x City of Brass
4x Gemstone Mine
2x Undiscovered Paradise
2x Island

15 ????

Original design was put up by Brainburst, but I think that I made some improvements upon the decklist. My version is all about killing your opponent on Turn 2 EVERY GAME. Turn 3 if necessary.

For those that don't understand the combo, here's the low down.
Turn 1 - Careful Study or Entomb (getting the Dragon into the graveyard)
Turn 2 - Dance of the Dead or Animate Dead targeting the Dragon

Dragon will come into play, and remove all other permanents (land and enchantments). When either enchantment leaves play, Dragon will go to the graveyard. This will cause the enchantments and lands to come back into play. You can then tap the land for mana, the enchantment will re-enchant the dragon, and the cycle will repeat.

Infinite mana on turn 2.

Let that sink in.

Now, there is not a real 'infinite' in Magic. You end up choosing a number, repeat the combo that many times, and then it stops. I'm not sure what's going to happen when it stops, but it will eventually stop. The beauty of this deck though, is that you don't have to worry about it stopping. You're going to kill your opponent before that. They will draw a million cards. I'd suggest making them draw 666 myself.

You use the infinite mana to stroke your opponent. Whispers of the Muse allows you to draw your whole deck if you wish. Two Strokes as a redundancy so that if one is discard by Duress or whatever.

I'm fairly certain that Worldgorger Dragon will recieve the errata "from your hand" similar to how Great Whale and Family was errated back in Combo Winter.

There are many ways to go with this deck. A way to handle Meddling Mage once it hits the board could be added maindeck, also Phyrexian Furnace could be a problem, along with any other graveyard painsticks. But this deck goes off all in one turn. And the sideboard will definitely help it.

I'm off to go stress some more.

Until next time,
Fletcher Peatross
The Biggest Ass in Texas

Copyright 2001


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