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with Fletcher Peatross

I'm going to play mono black at regionals. Control mono black at that, creatureless.

Let's start with the decklist:

Control Black

Main Deck

4x Chainer's Edict 
4x Mutilate 
3x Innocent Blood 
4x Corrupt 
3x Soul Burn 
4x Duress 
3x Addle 
4x Phyrexian Arena 
3x Haunting Echoes 
3x Millstone 

23x Swamps 
2x Cabal Coffers 

3x Ghastly Demise
2x Slay
4x Persecute 
3x Engineered Plague 
3x Skeletal Scrying 

Now I'll talk more about how I've playtested this, what I've come up with as far as card choices, and what I'm going to do about Compost and C:OP Black.

Part 1 - The Removal

4 Edict, 3 Blood, 4 Mutilate, 4 Corrupt, 3 Soul Burn. 18 cards that kill creatures. 4 that can kill at least 4 additional creatures. That's a minimum of 22 creatures this deck can kill. 11 ways to kill Pro-Black and untargetable creatures. This deck HATES creatures.

Part 2 - The Utility

4 Arena, 4 Duress, 3 Addle. Ways to draw cards, ways to get your cards into play past counters, ways to make those Skizzik's hit the graveyard quickly. No sludge as I found it was almost always a dead card against R/G which can be the decks roughest matchup.

Part 3 - The Combo

When playtesting, I found that the games I won the most of where the games when a good sized Haunting Echoes resolved. I'd lose the games where either I just sat around waiting for creatures to kill. Enter in Millstone. Millstone puts their threats in the graveyard more quickly than I can even kill them. Its a 'clock' of sorts, and causes most players to have to rush to kill me. It allows my Echoes to be much more massive and devastating.

Part 4 - The Land

If Coffers had tap for 1 colorless in addition, they would be amazing. But they do not. This deck can't afford to miss its early plays, so drawing them early is fairly horrible. I've cut to two as in the late game, they are really nuts.

Part 5 - The Sideboard

Ghastly Demise for creature decks, Slay for green creature decks, Persecute for mono-colored or close to mono colored (like Psycatog), Engineered Plague mainly against Ichorid but also squirrels, and Scrying for the slower decks and the mirror (its also very helpful against Haunting Echoes).

Part 6 - The Discarded

I tried Mind Sludge, Diabolic Tutor, Yawgmoth's Agenda, and other one of tutor for cards. What I found is that I always wanted consistency. Tutor is no Vampiric, its no Demonic, its too slow. If it was any of those, I'd play four, because this deck can really use tutoring. But having to tap out on turn 4 to get something that I needed to play on turn 3, well, that's just horrible.

Part 7 - Compost, C:OP Black

Don't play against them. If you do play against them, make them discard them on turn 1 or get lucky and let them draw 0 of them. Also, your route to victory against C:OP black moves to decking. Which is very possible.

Good luck at Regionals, its always tough. There is no 'best deck' today, and there won't be before the tournament. If you're unsure of what to play, G/R is probably your best option.

Until next time,
Fletcher Peatross
The Biggest Ass in Texas
Hated by Belgians Everywhere

Copyright 2001


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