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with Fletcher Peatross

Battle of Wits

Tomorrow I'm playing in my pre-release. Admittedly, most people call it a PTQ for Nice, but since it will be my first time playing with Torment cards in limited, I think I can call it what I want to. I've been antsy lately, not playing any serious magic since GP Houston. I don't intend on going to Nice even if I qualify, too far, prices too high, etc. I was talking to Bryan Hubble about him playing in the PTQ, and he's not going either. I told him if its me vs. him the finals, the loser will be forced to take the slot.

Tonight I'm going to play a Battle of Wits deck in a t2 online tournament over at For those that are curious, here's the listing (Torment legal). I stuck with 3 colors for consistency, but plan on just playing for fun anyways.

Fletcher Peatross
WUB Battle of Wits

Main Deck

4 Insidious Dreams
4 Battle of Wits
4 Fact or Fiction
4 Probe
4 Opt
4 Counterspell
4 Syncopate
4 Repulse
4 Exclude
4 Standstill
4 Disrupt
4 Absorb
4 Undermine
4 Dromar's Charm
4 Vindicate
4 Recoil
4 Spite/Malice
4 Teferiís Moat
4 Opportunity
4 Divert
4 Gerrardís Verdict
4 Circular Logic
4 Chromatic Sphere
4 Wrath of God
4 Rout
4 Dismantling Blow
4 Liquefy
4 Diabolic Tutor
4 Tainted Pact
4 Yawgmoth's Agenda
4 Duress

4 Spectral Lynx
4 Faceless Butcher
4 Shadowmage Infiltrator
4 Psychatog
4 Meddling Mage
4 Thieving Magpie

4 Dromar's Cavern
4 Skycloud Expanse
4 Darkwater Catacombs
4 Coastal Tower
4 Salt Marsh
4 Adarkar Wastes
4 Underground River
4 Caves of Koilos
4 Terminal Moraine
4 Tainted Isle
4 Tainted Field
24 Islands
8 Plains
18 Swamps

3 Peek
4 Gainsay
4 Lobotomy
4 Mana Short

I might do horrible or I might do great. Who knows? I should have fun.

Now to go over the limited parts of the Event Horizons Invitational.

The first is the 5-pack draft. I'm going with a very simple plan. Draft the best card out of each pack. Build 2 'sealed decks' at the end. I can imagine attempting to draft 2 or 3 colors only, but I think I'd limit myself to the bombs I can have in my deck. Its going to be difficult in that you have to imagine two decks in your head and try and draft the best curve possible, so sometimes the 'best card' might not be the best card for my two decks. Especially in the third and fourth packs.

How many Innocent Bloods are too many for a R/B Blood deck? 27. I got that straight from IRC.

The second format is auction draft. Last year I got my face smashed in this format, not ever fighting hard enough for the cards I could really use. This year, its blind and I am not sure how it will go. I'll try and build a decent deck and hopefully I'll come out on top.

Next week you'll get to see my constructed decklists for the Type 1 Scavenger Hunt and for the T2-modified block. I ended up switching Type 1 decks just recently so I could get more consistency and fun out of my deck, and I think it could be great, but most likely just average.

Until then,
Fletcher Peatross
Pojo Content Editor
Biggest Ass in Texas

P.S. Don't forget to go vote for me. I might have a chance to beat Alex yet!

Copyright 2001


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