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The Dragon's Den
Here it comes....

By DeQuan Watson - 06.10.05

I have a lot going on and I am working on trying to give you a good set of regionals primers over the next two weeks.  So you get shortened now for more quality in the coming two weeks.  I haven't forgotten about you guys.  I just know that there is going to be a huge influx of articles regarding regionals in the next couple of weeks.  Everyone is gearing up.  I just want to make sure that you have some good information that is useful before typing it up for you.

However, I can't leave you with nothing in the meantime.  We all know by now that regionals is right around the corner.  If you don't know what regionals is I can only imagine two things:

1.  You've been living a very sheltered life for the past eight years or so.

2.  You are too new to know any better.

If you don't fall into either one of those categories, I apologize for not having more creative insight to solve your predicament for you.  Anyway, let's take a quick look at what regionals is.

First of all, when is it?

The event used to happen in April, but not it's been pushed back.  Wizards of the coast has been slowly shifting the dates of events on the Pro Tour to line the tournament year up with the calendar year.  By doing so, Regionals now falls in the month of June.  This year it will be on June 25.  This is just a few days after Saviors will be legal, so this year's regionals will have an entirely different look and feel.

That reminds me; what cards can we play in this event?

Regionals is always Standard format (or what some would call Type 2).  You will only be able to use cards from Mirrodin, Darksteel, Fifth Dawn, Champions of Kamigawa, Betrayers of Kamigawa, and Saviros of Kamigawa (as it becomes legeal on the 20th).  This tends to be the largest standard event all year. 

But I'm not that good.  Do I have to get a invite to play?

No.  That's part of what makes regionals so fun.  It's open to everyone.  Your rating doesn't matter.  The number of tournaments that you've played in doesn't matter.  The store you play at doesn't matter.  If you are anyone that have entry fee, a deck, and wants to play, you will most definitely get to play.

I hear lots of people are going to show up.  What are they playing play?

Honestly, they are playing for the love of the game (or maybe because they are masochists.  Regional sis a long day).  As far as prizes, generally the top 16-32 are awarded prizes.  Check with your local tournament organizer to find out exactly what the prize structure is.  Many times there are trophies for the top finishers as well.

More important than the product and trophies (well, more important than the product) are the invites for Nationals.  The top 4 players of each event will advance to Nationals.  However, if an even gets over 411 players, the tournament organizers have been instructed to add one more round and simple not do a top 8.  However, in doing so, the top 8 finishers all qualify.

This sounds cool.  Where is it going to be at?

I wish I had a quick answer for that.  Unfortunately, I don't.  But that whole, teach a man to fish thing...ah nevermind...here's the link with the regionals information and locations list on it.

Just click on your respective flag and you are good to go.

This is going to be my first major tournament?  What should I do?

There are a few simple things you can do to make your life easier.  First of all, bring a pen.  You'll need it to fill out your DCI card.  This will be the number that is used to track your progress and let you see how you stand up from match to match.

Arrive early.  There is going to be a large line at the beginning of any Regional.  This will make sure that you are standing and tiring yourself out needlessly. 

Be Aware that you are going to have to fill out decklists.  In many small local events, players aren't forced to fill out deck registration sheet.  You will need one at regionals though.  Feel free to find one online and print it off or simply type one up in a generic font (don't get cute, it's hard to read and likely won't be accepted) and just print it out.  That can save you a ton of time the morning of.

Wait, you mentioned Saviors will be legal.  What new decks will there be?

Well, I'm glad my opinions are appreciated and respected.  However, Nostrodamus I am not.  But I have been doing a little bit of research and putting in a lot of effort to trying to figure out that current standard environment and possibly even break the codes on a couple of cards or decks.  I'm not going to find everything, but hopefully I can at least send you off to battle a little better prepared.  Look for some deck ideas and environment overview right here next week.

Well, there's your basic overview of regionals.  Expect a lot of information next week as we will be inside of two weeks by then.  There will be some new ideas and strategies that you need to keep your eyes open for.  Hopefully, we can take some of your guesswork out of the equation.

Until next time,

DeQuan Watson
a.k.a. PowrDragn
at Pojo dot com

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