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And Here We Are...

Sometimes it's really interesting when you think about how fast a week goes by.  Honestly, I'm still a bit amazed that we are already past the holiday season and schools are back in session.  It's so strange that we've gone this long without some good Magic news.  The end of the year/first of the year is a bit boring in that regard.  So we are forced to make due without and interesting news.  Well, I guess it's a good thing we're here.  At least we can offer you something good to read in the downtime. 
First off, I gotta couple of e-mails that reminded me that I didn't include an alternate game pick of the week.  So this week I'll offer you two of them.
The first is Filthy Rich.  It's a Richard Garfield game, so some of you might also be interested for that very reason.  Filthy Rich is a very unique game.  IT actually comes with a binder and 9-pocket pages that you use to play the game.  It has sort of a monopoly mentality in the fact that you have to pay each player for hitting billboard that they own.  But it depends on what street you are on, which is determined by what binder page you are on.  It's definitely interesting.
For my second game choice of the week, I say that we should go with NFL Street.  I don't even know why this game is on my list.  I haven't played it yet.  However, if NBA Street is good, and Madden is good, then my guess is a game that looks to be a perfect cross between the two can't be bad.  Right?  I thought it was released next week, but apparently it came out this Tuesday.  So I will be going to pick it up. 
That reminds me, I also need to go get WWE Originals.  Man, I'm gonna be broke this weekend.
Oh, and wish me luck, I'm going to go out looking for a house tomorrow.
Anyway, back to Magic.  We all know that Darksteel cards are starting to be discovered all over the place.  There are a few pictures of them in the latest Undefeated Magazine by the way for those of you that are interested.  I believe that it is issue three if I am not mistaken.  It should surprise no one that these are showing up.  The prerelease is now just over one week away.
Everyone seems to be a bit excited about Fireball coming back.  I'm not really sure why though.  As afar as dealing with creatures, Starstorm is much more efficient.  You are going to spend so much less mana trying to kill multiple creatures.  If you want to go at your opponent's dome, it's not really any better than Blaze, which has been around in a while.  So, I don't believe that hype at this moment.
On the other hand, another hot reprint that everyone is raving about is Juggernaut.  I would love to say that I would use my old ones, but I am most definitely going to want a full set of the ones with new art.  Lately, the Magic art has been top notch and the art in Mirrodin is no different.  I seriously think that is Chimeric Idol got played in a lot of decks, this card will too.  Obviously, it was harder to kill chimeric idol, but Juggernaut will be a real issue to deal with against control decks.  Five damage a turn is nothing to laugh at.  It's even less to less at when you consider that it is only four mana to cast.  Four COLORLESS mana at that.  However, it is an artifact and it is a 5/3 creature that has to attack every turn.  It's by no means unkillable.  I just things it's really good.
Those are the only notable reprints that I know of at this point.  However, I am definitely liking the new golems int his set that have Affinity for different land types. 
Check out Tangle Golem:
 Tangle Golem -
Artifact Creature - Golem (C)
Affinity for Forests
If this guy is a common, I would start to watch out for Red/Green decks.  They might just become green decks that splash red for burn.  Tangle Golem is great.  It's a 5/4 creature that you can honestly play on turn three, assuming you play a mana creature on turn one or two.  Gotta love having Affinity for Forests and only being 7 mana.  This could be a contender.  Nothing outstanding, but it does definitely open up a few options.
If nothing else, it looks like Darksteel is poised to balance the playing field even more than it already is.  I'm all for balancing play.  There are almost too many control style decks floating around right now anyway.  Creatures were meant to be played and creatures want to die at 90 degree angles.
OK, let me take a break from my Magic discussion for a second to say something sports related (sorry, I gotta get my sports in there somewhere). 
Why is everyone down on Brett Favre.  Sure, he got hit and threw up a goose egg that got intercepted.  But lets face it.  He's not the only one at fault.  There was a running back and or a lineman that could have made a better block.  Maybe the receivers could have run a slant or something.  Maybe the back could have gone out for a short pass.  But I will even say that fine; he's the quarterback, so he takes the blame.
My problem is that everyone I talk to wants to say the pass should never even be thrown like that.  Have you looked at a lot of passes ol' Brett has thrown up over the past few weeks.  Hell, one he had earlier in the game sort of looked like that.  Had he thrown the pass and made it, no one would have said anything.  I mean seriously.  The guy has a great week to get his team into the playoffs.  He has an amazing game right after the death of his father.  Everyone sings his praises for weeks.  Then the world turns on him and wants to condemn him for throwing an interception late in the game.  Sucks to be him
But honestly, if Favre retires, I'm cool with it.  I'm a Cowboys fan.  That just means that the NFC might get a little easier next year.  Since I am a Cowboys fan, I am pulling for Philly to lose this week to Carolina.  I like the way Indianapolis is playing right now, a lot.  But the New England defense has been playing great.  I still say though that the Colts have been on a major role and should win by ten.  This would leave the Colts and Panthers in the Super Bowl if I could have it my way.  With my luck both of the other teams win.  Either way, that's fine. 
I love sports.  Hell, I think I just love friendly competition.  That's part of the reason that Magic still appeals to me.  I can always find people of all races, nationalities, and ages to play.
Also, before people ask, I do think that Magic price hike is acceptable.  Magic has stayed at $3.29/pack for years and have offered 15 card packs during that time.  I don't think that any other game on the market gives more than 11 or 12 cards per pack at that same price.  Also, Wizards of the Coast does PTQs, Pro Tours, Friday Night Magic, Arena League, Junior Super Series, Grand Prix, Grand Prix Trials, and a ton of just weekly tournaments held around the world.  I think it's worth paying the money for.
This brings me to another point.  Don't abandon your local stores during this tough time.  Keep supporting them.  They will need you money and your support after a slow January.  Help them out, or you may not have a place to play real soon.  Unfortunately, that may come off as a bit of threat.  But it's true.  For those you that don't know, there is another major toy chain that filed for bankruptcy, which doesn't help anything.  That can be a bad sign for the rest of the industry.  It could also be a result of the Wal-Mart effect of getting to other corporations. 
In the end, just go to your local store and play have fun.  Take your friends.  The more people that get to enjoy this game and get exposed to it, well, the better off we will all be for it. 
Hrm... I guess this is where we get to my card of the week.  I was trying to think of something fun that doesn't get played that often that's still pretty useful.  I think I'm going to go with Loxodon Warhammer.  This card isn't stellar, but I think having even one or two of these in a creature heavy deck can be a weapon.  The extra damage it deals is a good bonus, but it's really more about the life you are gaining during that time.  That extra life gained can buy you some majorly important turns late in the game.  I liked Armadillo Cloak a bit and this is just better in a lot of ways to me.  Besides, it's reusable and you can bounce it around.
Unfortunately, I don't have a fun decklist for you all this week.  But if I'm not mistaken, Jonathan Pechon gave everyone an Extended legal decklist for Alluren this week.  So he made up for my end of the deal a bit.  Thanks JP!  I know that I probably disappointed a few of you, and I can do is say that I'm sorry.  I've spent a lot of time the past few days working on the whole house thing.  It's an interesting journey.  You will get to hear all about it though.  It's actually an interesting process of choosing your buyer agent that gets to go to battle with the selling agent.  You will also be interested to know that I did use the term "do battle" with my agent that I am going to see later today.
Well, anyway, I've reached a point where I am seriously rambling.  So I will leave you with the advice tip of the week.
Don't forget to bring new people into the game.  If you go through a stretch where you don't get to teach the game to someone new, help a someone else's 'new guy' get rolling.  Everybody knows someone that you probably don't know.  If they are excited they will bring more people to the game.  Excitement is contagious.  Give the new guy a few of your extra cards.  Help the new guy out with his deck.  If nothing else, you build up a bunch of good Karma.  Honestly, we can all use some extra luck and Karma from time to time, right?
Until next time,
DeQuan Watson
a.k.a. PowrDragn
PowrDragn on IRC
PowrDragn on MTGO





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