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1.16.03  Underappreciated

It's a been a while, but where to begin...

First of all, no promises as to when stuff is going to be seen again from me.  I'll just get them out when I can.

You can read more of my stuff on a ton of different games in Scrye Magazine.  Starting with #58, I should have a decent bit in every issue.

Lots of things have been going on in the Magic community.  Even recently, Turbo-Land won a Grand Prix.  Who knows how?  Who knows why?  All I can say is where to go Zvi.

Anyway, after this recent Turbo-Land appearance, I got to thinking about other things that are underappreciated.

There are a lot of cards that people aren't playing with right now.  Let's take a look at a few...

Oversold Cemetery

This things has quite a few uses.  It's good recursion.  It fits into a lot of decks easily.  It's stylish!  Seriously though, it fills the gap for late game cads and threats that a lot of weenie decks lack.

Might of Oaks

This card has fun written all over it.  However, if you are going to play it, use the old artwork with the huge squirrel on it.  That's definitely the way to go.  The best part of Might of Oaks is the surprise factor.  You can chop your opponents life total in half in an instant.  Once your opponent knows that you have it, every creature becomes a threat.


This is a card long forgotten.  Many decks are resolving themselves to Aether Burst in the "bounce card" slot.  I think Aether Burst might be better in some cases.  I do thing there are times that boomerang should be considered though.  If nothing else, try it out as a sideboard slot.  It's a good way to break tempo on your opponent's side of the table, because it allows you to bounce ANY permanent.


This guy is really amazing or really terrible.  However, those times that he is amazing are huge!  I've had some success recently with this card against Astral Slide decks and against a couple of different control variants.  Also, if you are in an area where Solitary Confinement is heavily played, this card is the perfect answer.


This card is still decent damage for mana value.  Sure, it's no lightning bolt, but what the hell.  It kills most of the early problem creatures in many formats at the moment.  Why isn't this card played more when people are playing red?  Sure, Firebolt can be used twice, but Shock can be used FASTER!

Read the Runes

This card is mad fun.  I'm not sure of its place in a lot of decks though.  Truthfully, it just may not fit in a lot of decks.  It's unfortunate though.  There are a lot of tricks you can pull off with this thing.  Try it and see what you can come up with. 

Future Sight

I really like this card too.  It lets you play multiple spells in a turn without depleting your hand.  You can do a lot of fun things with this like using search cards to change out your top card.  The main restricting point that this card has is its casting cost.  You have to dedicate pretty heavily to blue.  But once it's down, it can be a pain in the rear for your opponent to deal with.

Words of War, Wisdom, Wilding, Worship, and Waste

These are some really interesting enchantments.  Not many people have tried to use them.  The main problem with them is that you have to be playing some way to draw cards to take full advantage of these cards.  Slate of Ancestry and howling Mine are cards that any color can use along side these cards.  However, there are others.  The least useful of these it seems is the Words of Waste.  The others look like they might still have some slots in tournament play.

Well, since we just covered singles, why don't we talk about where to buy your singles!  Go to your local game store.  It's after the holidays.  I'm sure you have a lot of deck ideas, stop by our local place and make it happen.  I say go to your store and by some singles.  OK, maybe not buy singles, but at least go play.

You have to support your games, to keep new players interested and keep it fun.  Show up and play Friday Night Magic.  Go in on Saturday and show some new customer how to play.  Don't let your local store think that they are underappreciated.  They are the whole reason that gaming still lives on in your community.  Let them know that you appreciate them.

Our website (most importantly our webmaster Bill) likes being appreciated.  The best thing you can do for him is send more people to read out website.  We love writing and doing things for you.  We hope you like reading it all.  Please send more people to read the site.  Also, check out the advertisers on our site a bit.  At the very least, just hit their site, even if you don't buy form them.  This lets them know that you are at least coming to our site and checking things out.

Everyone seems to really like my random picks for entertainment.  So, of course, I can't disappoint my fans.

My hot movie pick is Undercover Brother!  This movie is hilarious.  You have to be able to handle some racial humor.  It's got some intelligent humor built into it.  Quite the enjoyable flick.  I personally own a copy.  It just came out this week.

Gamecube game picks of the week.  I have two.  The first is Madden 2003.  Now that the football season is coming to a close, you can find many used copies and regular copies at low prices.  Also, if you own a Gamecube, try out Super Monkey Ball one and two.  Those games are greatest.  Real skill testers.  Much more interesting puzzle games.  They also have some fun multiplayer challenge games.  Great for parties and family game nights.

Since the Falcons are out of the playoffs, I'm pulling for Tampa Bay to beat Philly.  The Eagles aren't your average bump in the road though.  However, it doesn't really matter, because I think Oakland is going to win it all.  they are just nuts right now.

Also, for those of you in the Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and Arkansas area, we have some events happening this week at my store.

We are having a Pro Tour Qualifier and a Junior Super Series Challenge.  Our store info is as follows:

The Game Closet
5201 Sanger Ave, Suite #K
Waco, TX 76710

As always, fell free to call or write for more information and/or directions. This will be the last PTQ of the season, so come and have fun!

I think everyone should give a huge thanks to Wizards of the Coast R&D for Magic. This past extended season was more entertaining and excited than the last two years or so.  It had a lot more options available and even saw the emergence of a couple of new deck types and styles. 

Soon everyone will be setting their sites on Legions and the standard environment.  We shall see what that all brings.

Remember, go to your local store and game!  Without them, our favorite games won't live on!

Until next time,

a.k.a. PowrDragn



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