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The 7th Sign

     Well, here we are, less than a weekend away from something really
important.  A dawning of an age where there will be foil Birds of Paradise. 
We will even have some of our old favorites available to us again.  Hell, now
that I think about it, we will even have Serra Angels, and Shivan Dragons
available to us in drafts.  It will also be the first time that the base set
for the game of Magic will not be available in Tournament Packs.  It will
also be the first time that the core set for the game of Magic will be
available in preconstructed decks.

That's right.  Seventh edition is right around the corner.

    Seventh Edition has no real relevance to us, the Magic community, right
now.  It won't be legal for Standard tournament play until May 1st anyway.  I
have seen talks about different decks being affected.  I have even seen
articles about new decks that may raise their heads.  However, I want to
touch on some stuff that people may not have thought about.  What is 7th
Edition going to do to the game on a financial level?  I saw a guy running
some auctions on eBay already (highly illegal and un-business like.  We also
have several people e-mailing WotC about this guy).  Here is one of the
seller's links.

his seller name is:  xnightwingx   and he is located in: Mississauga, Ontario

E-mail and about this seller's auctions. 
It is unfair to the stores in your area.  It is unfair to the community as a
whole.  And most of all it is unfair to you as the player to not have access
to these cards at the same time as other players across the planet.  WotC
sets street dates for a reason.  So everyone gets stuff at the same time.

    The introduction of foils is going to be the most notable characteristic
of the set.  Looking at what some of the cards are that are going to be
printed, I have to speculate a bit.  Birds of paradise have already been
popular for a while.  Maybe even more so now then they have ever been. 
However a foil Birds of Paradise will be unreal in price.  Figure in the fact
that a black border Birds of Paradise goes for a lot.  A Beta one can be as
high as $100 to the right buyer and even foreign black border ones go for
near $35.  Now, look take a look at the price of popular foil cards.  A foil
Urza's Rage can fetch anywhere from $35 to $50.  Now add all of these factors
together: A Foil Rare Black Bordered Birds of Paradise could see anywhere
between $100-175.  I am not saying it will stay at this value for long, but I
would highly suggest getting it and selling it as soon as possible.

    Some stock on a few old cards will start moving again.  Just when
everyone decided to throw out some of their cards like Serra Angel, Shivan
Dragon, and Duress, they are being introduced back into the mix.  There are
some old Arena League Foil Duress floating around that people have forgotten
about.  I would suggest trying to pick them up while they are still
available.  Foil Serra Angels are rarer, yet they do exist.  They are in the
$80 range right now.  I would expect over the course of the next 3-4 months,
that they would reach back to the $100-150 price range that they once pulled
in.  As for Shivan Dragons, well honestly I have no idea.  I think the price
on the Shivan Dragon will come down to the playability of it in the new
format.  One thing to consider though is that it DOES survive a blast from a
Flametongue Kavu. 

    Armageddon, unfortunately, is confirmed to be on its way out.  We will
just have to deal with it.  It's still a strong card and with the current
bannings in Extended, it may be worth it to hang on to your Armageddons.  One
of our other favorite cards that WILL be around however is Wrath of God. 
Black border Wrath of Gods have gotten as high as $10 in some places, but not
much more than that.  Put a foil cover on one and I bet we could see some
prices in the $45 range.  I would even go as far to say that it could get as
high as $60-75 if Counter-Rebel stays in popularity among tournament players.
 Also, some other good playable commons like Shock already have Arena Foils
available.  The older harder to get Arena Foils of these cards should get to
the $10 and may be even the $15 range during its stay in the format.

    Will things change when 7th edition hits....Most definitely. 
Drastically?  Probably not.  How seriously remains to be seen.  I think it
will be a good time for collectors, traders, and retailers though.  Lots of
land to be explored and lots of cards to experiment with.  now on to a
lighter note or two....

Good Auctions REAL Cheap

Go to the following link to get stuff really cheap:       

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We have some old Type 1 stuff on there right now including moxen.  Also, I am
adding some hard to get foils to the mix as I get time throughout the
weekend.  Keep checking it periodically int he future.  Write it down.

Personal Appearances by Me (and Wrestling)

    For those fans that like WWF and Magic that read my articles and want to
meet me in person, you can catch me at the WWF Axess event this weekend in
Houston.  I will be there most of the weekend at the Comic Images booth
running demo's and tournaments.  This weekend is going to be huge and I will
even have my Magic decks there to play some games.

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Pojo's Unofficial Magic: The Gathering Magazine (Update)

As far as the Pojo Magic Magazine goes, we have gotten all the articles in. 
Everything is being set up and getting prepared to go out.  PLEASE tell your
local retailer to carry the magazine.  We need as many people to carry the
magazine as possible if we are to go monthly.  If you like the site, trust
me, people have put their heart and soul into their magazine articles and I
promise you should not be disappointed.  If your local retailer won't carry
it, call me 254-751-7251 and I will order it for you and ship you a copy. 

Regionals Outlook

Expect a lot of Fires and Counter-Rebel at Regionals.  However, don't think
that is all that will be there.  I know for a fact that there are a lot of
decks arising that people are preparing that are decent against Rebels and
Fires.  There are also going to be a few decks that stomp control decks into
the ground.  Of course, this all sounds like rubbish.  What I am trying to
say here is that you will need to prepare for everything.  You won't be able
to just plan that one deck will get crushed by something else.  Right now,
the Standard environment looks to be VERY balanced, so the doors are wide
open right now.  However, Counter-Rebel will probably be the most dominant
deck, followed by Fires.  Just for the record, don't count out Blue Skies. 
It's not as dead as people think.

    Well, guys and gals, it's late at night.  I am preparing for a road trip
to Houston in the morning.  Hopefully by the time you read this, I will be
enjoying lunch and shaking hands with Vince McMahon and The Rock ;)  I hope
all goes well in playtesting for everyone.  Also, as always, I welcome people
to e-mail me on their thoughts about my writings or anything that generally
tickles their fancy.  I respond to just about all of my e-mail.  I enjoy it,
so keep it coming.  Keep your eye open for 7th Edition on Monday.  As always,
see you here same Bat-time, same Bat-website!

DeQuan Watson
a.k.a. PowrDragn