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Parents - Getting Kids Involved! 

The Third in a Series of Articles for Parents of Young Players

- Teaching Kids (or Adults) How to Play

So your kids want to learn how to play Magic? Or maybe you'd like to learn with them. Magic: The Gathering is a fun, competitive game that can be played on a multitude of levels.

Many kids learn to play from their friends. They see them playing at school, or afterwards, and want to join in. Or they may have a relative that plays. Asking someone that already plays to teach you the game is a great way to have fun and learn. Having someone tell you how to play is nice, but actually sitting down and getting into a game with someone is the best way to get your feet wet.

Another great avenue for beginners is something I recently discovered from one of Pojo's advertisers. Try www.playmagic.com to download a demo and learn more about how to get started playing with the basics. This is a tutorial that is actually put up by Wizards of the Coast. Once you go over the rules and play of the game, buy some main set decks and packs (at this point, 7th edition), and have your kids sit down with you or some of their friends and play a few games.

When you feel your play has progressed, buy some of the current Type 2 booster packs to add cards to your pre-constructed decks and customize them to your liking. At the writing of this article, that would include the following sets:

Onslaught Odyssey Torment Judgment 7th Edition

One great idea is to browse Pojo.com for deck ideas. Look for decks with colors you like to play, build them and try them out on your friends. The more you play, the more you will find yourself liking a certain color or theme for your decks. Some people enjoy fast mana and big creatures that "beatdown." Others like to use "permission" cards to foil their opponent's attempts to win. Still others may like "burn" decks that can directly damage opponent's and creatures. The different themes are many, and each player will find his or her own niche as they play more and more.

For those that have the basics down to where they feel comfortable playing, a great place to hone playing skills is any of the kid's leagues, or Friday Night Magic tournaments (check my article from last week on how to find places to play). Usually the judge for these events will guide the players on plays and rulings that they may be unsure about. It gives kids and adults alike the chance to learn the game better, all while having fun playing the game.

I'll be taking a break from this series next week for the Holidays, but will be back the week after with more articles! Thank you to all of you that have written!

Until next time...

 ~ Christine






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