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The Storyline of Apocalypse

Hey hey everyone out there in Pojo Land!  I see you enjoy your new
Apocalypse cards. so I figured I might as well give you some insight into
the story of Apocalypse

The Storyline of Apocalypse ~

As part of Yawgmoth's infernal and sick twisted agenda, Gerrard and Urza are
forced to wage war amongst themselves in an all out battle royale in
Yawgmoth's dark  arena, with the prize being whatever the victor could
desire. After being beaten back several times by the powerful planeswalker,
Gerrard finally turns the tables on Urza at a crucial point and kills him by
way of decapitation. Yawgmoth had mentioned earlier before the two were to
combat that he hid his true spirit in only one of the avatars that filled at
the arena, and that neither Gerrard or Urza would ever guess which. When
Gerrard emerged victorious to claim his prize for defeating Urza, as he
requested-Hanna, no strings attached, Yawgmoth is rather hesitant to grant
the request. Gerrard soon realizes that the Hanna Yawgmoth was to offer him
was not the true flesh and blood Hanna. Gerrard begins to gut the fake and
it is revealed that the one avatar in the arena that had Yawgmoth's true
spirit was instilled within the fake Hanna. As  Gerrard prepared to deliver
a killing blow to the fake Hanna, thus killing Yawgmoth, Yawgmoth
regurgitates him from the 9th Sphere, along with Urza's severed head,
directly into Crovax's throne room.

Karn develops an amazing idea is to use the Thran Tome, one of the great
legacy artifact,  to remake the Weatherlight. He reveals that all along
they've been reading it wrong and when the pages are folded in on themselves
a certain way, they reveal huge amounts of new information. The Weatherlight
is reborn, and "comes of age". The old ship soon gains a large amount of
sentient behavior as now it has an inner voice and talks to Multani, Karn
and in one scene, Orim.

Multani speaks with Weatherlight and says it is time for the ship and its
crew to return to Yavimaya. By sacrificing much of his power, something he'd
only be able to regain after several centuries, Multani managed to shift
Yavimaya to Urborg to join the fighting there.

Back in the Stronghold throne room, Gerrard draws his sword and faces off
against the demonic Crovax. During the battle between the righteous and the
wicked, an odd scene with Squee and the dark Ertai erupts, where Squee
avenges himself by killing Ertai. Finally, Gerrard manages to best Crovax,
striking him down like the lamb to the slaughter. Once the death throes end,
a very heart warming  scene (Well.for corrupted Phyrexian demons I suppose)
where Selenia descends and pulls Crovax's soul away from his body and they
disappear together.

Gerrard plots his escape, while still holding the severed head of Urza with
him, however guards try to prevent his departure, miraculously Urza reveals
he's still among the living (Is this guy a cockroach or something?) and
slaughters the guards with an odd magical blast from his eyes. Urza soon
points out he was corrupted and became like a Phyrexian demon, just like his
brother had before him and that only once Gerrard severed his head did he
destroy the dark forces of Phyrexia within him.

The revitalized Weatherlight storms into the Stronghold's volcano to rescue
Gerrard. After traversing the dark building, Eladamri, Liin Sivi,
Grizzlegom, Sisay, Karn, Tahngarth, Gerrard and Squee all arrive in the
throne room. Soon, they hasten their departure as the dwarves below are
causing the magma to rise within the bowels of the Stronghold.

Yawgmoth finally reveals his true form as he invades Dominaria, shifting
into a dark cloud that covers the world entirely, killing whatever that
inhaled him and describing himself as the angel of death When the remains of
the heroes return to Dominaria , they learn that Commodore Guff has three
books inscribed with the entire world's fate written in it.  Once Bo Levar
realizes that Commodore Guff is aware of the outcome, he forces it from the
planeswalker Guff. Guff reveals that Yawgmoth is to win the war and take 
Dominaria as his own. Horrified, Levar forces Guff to erase the possible

The death cloud that is Yawgmoth soon swoops over the land and kills
thousands upon thousands in their tracks, the most important being Eladamri
and Lin Sivii, who die together, falling from the branches of a Magnigoth
tree.  Bo Levar reveals himself to be Captain Crucias, ascended to
planeswalkerhood (Crucias is from a story in the Colors of Magic).

The dead of Dominaria are raised by the dark power of Yawgmoth, their
purpose only to slay the living. Gerrard using the realization of the power
of the Null Moon, he realizes that he could attempt to use it with the
Weatherlight to eradicate Yawgmoth. Unfortunately, Yawgmoth's power exceeds
the Null Moon by far and the voice within the Weatherlight silences. With
what remains of his strength, Urza's head notes there is one last option:
remove his powerstone eyes and insert them within Karn's chest to complete
the Legacy.  Following the dying Planeswalker's command, Gerrard does so, 
as he along with Urza are vaporized in the explosion Karn sets off as he
ascends as the Legacy, using a powerful wave of white mana to eradicate the
demon Yawgmoth.

Dominaria is finally safe, and the heroes weep for the dead, yet rejoice for
their victory. Karn, now the fulfilled Legacy, has the power to Planeswalk
just as Urza had been able to do.  Orim returns to Mercadia to her love
Cho-Manno, where this is still much work to do after the awakening of Ramos.
  Sisay is given a new airship by the people of Argive, naming it the
appropriate title Victory.  Still needing a crew, she recruits Squee and
Tahngarth, who soon begin bickering over Squee's oddity.