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Hello everyone out there in Pojo Land!  Once again it's time for those oh so
delectable biographies! Today we take time to pay tribute to one the most
despicable and most devious characters in all of the Magic series- Vuel! And
remember, don't be afraid to request  biographies on your favorite
characters! Just drop me a line and I'll look into their past.

Born of Dominarian origin to the great Kondo and brother to the great
Gerrard Capashen, Vuel was a very intelligent and particularly devious
individual, as he often showed signs that he had large amounts of prowess in
the way of his actions and courses of actions.  However, his heart soon
became corrupt, twisting and turning with the dark onset of the Phyrexians
warping his mind into  a dark soulless shell of a human being, but into the
full bloom of a demon.

Once Vuel had agreed to join Phyrexia as it's Evincar over Rath, he was soon
given the biological and technological enhancing that all Evincars pass
through when they become ruler of Rath. Once the transformation was
complete, Vuel was no longer a man, but rather a monster.  His skin became
and eerie whitish  color as it became very smooth, he visage became very
symmetrical and boyish as his features were melted away. At the end, his
physical humanity had been whittled away to form a demon, much like his mind
was.  Most interestingly though, Vuel was given the incredible power of
being able to shape shift into different forms as well as having the ability
to activate control rods and psychically command flowstone to do his
bidding.  With his new title of Evincar, Vuel tossed aside the name he had
been given as a boy, adopting the name we all know him by today- Volrath.

The era of tyranny of Rath renewed as Volrath claimed the throne, however,
the vile shapeshifter was more sinister that those before him, such as Gix
or Davvol, as his casual cruelty and regular beatings to his servants was
far more severe than anything they had seen before. Volrath soon found he
had a liking to Commander Greven il-Vec, a liking to torture him. Because of
the control rod in place  in Greven's spine, Volrath had the ability to
inflict tremendous amounts of pain onto the great warrior merely by thinking
about it, something which he enjoyed doing for any slight flaw in Greven's
behavior or tasks. By the end, the great warrior who had feared no one and
who all had feared became cowardly in front of his master, buckling like an
old horse carrying weight it can no longer hold.

When he had capture the Captain of the Weatherlight, Sisay, he knew the
rescue attempt for her by his brother Gerrard was imminent, thus he had
prepared another shapeshifter to pose as Volrath as he had much more
important things to attend to.  During this time, Volrath took the chance to
take control over the daughter of Starke, yet another shapeshifter.  Once
this had been done, Volrath set out to make Starke pay, for he saw him as
nothing but a coward. Using his ability to control Starke's daughter Takara,
he made her attack her father, slashing across his face and blinding him. 
Gerrard soon found the impostor Volrath- thinking he was the real one,
Gerrard unleashed his brotherly love upon the shapeshifter, easily
slaughtering it. Once Sisay had been rescued and was carted onto the
Weatherlight, along with a blinded Starke, Gerrard found a red haired woman
running around the Stronghold in fear.  His conscience  getting the better
of him, he brought the woman aboard the Weatherlight.

Once they had landed in the plane of Mercadia, they soon discover the woman
was not scared, and even more so, it wasn't even a woman! Volrath revealed
his true form, for he had set out to complete the task of disposing of
Starke where Takara had not. Starke was slain by the demonic man with little
effort  and little resistance, once the event had unfolded Volrath escaped
back to Rath.

Unknown to Volrath at the time, Phyrexia had thought his flee to Mercadia
had been treachery against them brandishing him a traitor and trying to
locate his replacement as Evincar of Rath. This was the initial purpose for
the artificial being Belbe, as she soon found two suitable replacements who
would contend between each other- Ertai and Crovax.  After a long string of
complex events, Belbe was ready to name Crovax as the new Evincar, however,
Greven il-Vec and a Kor man interrupted the event. In a fit of rage, Crovax
tried to activate Greven's control rod, however, it would not budge. 
Enraged by this inability, Crovax tried to run a shiv of flowstone through
the Kor man, however, the flowstone was fizzled out somehow.  Infuriated by
this, when Crovax finally asked the Kor who he was, the Kor man suddenly
began to warp and distort to form a near perfect figure with eerie white
skin- Volrath had returned to reclaim his throne.  Belbe knew that there
could only be on Evincar of Rath, thus she proclaimed that Volrath and
Crovax would duel it out, to the victor Evincarhood, to the loser death. 
The two battled hard against one another, each one matching each other's
blows.  However, for all his brutality, Crovax was no match for Volrath and
the former Evincar began pummeling the behemoth. Knocking Crovax to the
floor, Volrath prepare to slash off Crovax's head in a single slice,
however, a miracle occurred for the brutish Crovax- Volrath's blade glowed
purple and begin to weigh down, giving  Crovax the opportunity to best the
former Evincar.  Later on, this event was revealed to be nothing more than
another trick by the crafty Ertai who had been badly tortured by Crovax who
had oddly enough save him.

Once the cremation of the fallen Belbe had been followed through with, the
execution of Volrath was scheduled.  The once God-like figure had his
Phyrexian components removed by Rathi scientists and was no more than the
man he had once been.  Properly addressed by his original name, Vuel, he was
led before his former subjects half naked and strapped down.  Ertai, now
having a semblance to Greven so much so that you would assume they were
relatives, prepared the execution- an injection of flowstone into Vuel's
arteries programmed with the command 'dismantle'.  In a gory spectacle, Vuel
was reduced to nothing more than a bloody mess of organic materials, finally
ending the era of one of the most diabolical individuals in the history of
Magic: The Gathering.