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Interview With rk post

Hello there out in Pojo Land! Today I had the great experience of sitting
down for an interview with the great Magic: The Gathering artist RK Post!

Miguel: Hello Mr. Post! Nice to meet you!

RK Post: My pleasure to meet you! 

Miguel: All right! On to the questions.  When did you first start drawing as
a child?

RK Post: Memory is not one of my strongest suits. As far back as I can
remember, I spose. 

Miguel: When did you first start drawing for Wizards, and for that matter,
what was it like?

RK Post: I started as a staff illustrator for TSR (hired in 9/96) and I
started working for Wizards when they bought us. I contacted the current
director for Magic right after that and started with Exodus. I was, and
still am, pleased as punch to do it. 

Miguel: What inspires you to make art such as the avatars of Prophecy or any
of the other famous drawings you've made?

RK Post: I look at a number of sources.....from turn of the
century anime. This applies if I am making something up
from scratch. Otherwise there is a style guide that the artists follow to
keep everything consistant. 

Miguel: Of all the numerous drawings you've made in your time at Wizards,
which one would have to be your favorite drawing for a card that you've

RK Post: So far it is Unmask. The only painting framed and hanging on my
wall at home. I was nominated for a couple of awards and I am pretty happy
with how it turned out. 

Miguel: And conversely, every artist has their
shame, what art work for a
card of yours just didn't meet the quality you were hoping for the most?

RK Post: I think that honor would go to the Sliver Queen that I did for
Vanguard 3. Hurried and not the quality that I generally give. 

Miguel: Do you have any advice for all of our aspiring artists out there
that would one day hope to work for a company like Wizards?

RK Post: Just keep drawing and painting and you will only get better.
Submit those portfolios and don't get discouraged if you don't get called
the first time out. 

Miguel: Although this may be a silly question, but do you
play Magic: The Gathering trading card game? If so, what sort of deck do you use?

RK Post: I have just played Starter a couple of times to learn the basic
mechanics of it. I ain't that good.  

Miguel: Personally, what is you favorite card in the entire
set of Magic: The Gathering?

RK Post: I am partial to my about Morphling? 

Miguel: Any secret
tidbits on artwork you could tell us about the Odyssey cycle? ;)

RK Post: I did two cards. ;) 

Miguel: Excluding yourself, could you tell me who personally is your
favorite artist on the Wizards of the Coast artist list?

RK Post: I dig my buddy Brom. I also like Zug, Walker, Peterson, Sutfin,
and host of others! 

Miguel: I think it's time we get to know the man behind
the mask of paints and acrylics, Mr. Post, could you give us a little insight into your
personal life? Such as perhaps marital status? Or how about if you have any
pets and maybe even what you do in your free time for fun.

RK Post: Not much of a free time, but I have a wife and three kids. I dig
old stuff and Star Wars toys. 

Miguel: If I sent you a few cards through the
mail, would you sign them so we here at Pojo could have a little contest with 
the signed cards as a prize?

RK Post: Here is the spiel that I give to everyone (post it if you want):
Send what you like, just stick in a return envelope with enough postage to
get it back to you. If you send a fair amount of cards (more than 8-10),
make sure that the way they are sent or returned is safe enought (ie padded
envelopes, boxes, etc) so the cards don't get damaged in the postal
services' sorting machines. It happens every so often. 

rk post
12120 204th Ave Ct E
Sumner, WA 98390 

Miguel: Thank you for your time Mr. Post, I hope we can do
this some other time.
RK Post: I would like that!