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Goblins & Elves

Hello once again to all out in Pojo land!  Today I will be doing yet another
sort of biography! Today I'll be looking at a few of the races in the tides
of magic. namely the two most popular- Goblins and Elves

Quite the odd beings. goblins are small impish beings quite resembling
humans except in the fact they have long pointed ears and green skin. 
Goblins themselves have very low intelligence and are weak in comparison to
many other species of creatures on Dominaria. where almost all of the
goblins live.

However. for all their idiotic attempts at warfare. such as using themselves
in bizarre kamikaze explosion. or using inferior weapons to fight superior
enemies. the goblins of Dominaria are still a force to be reckoned with-
their superior numbers overwhelms their enemy in an orgy of death and
destruction. until either side finally succeeds in slaughtering the other.

The goblins prefer rugged terrain in dry climate.that is probably why they
are most prolific in Shiv. where volcanoes and deserts are common sights and
a perfect setting for the goblins.  The goblins in Shiv prefer to live in
large underground caverns in huge colonies filled with rioting, idiocy and
general chaos.  The entire fact that these creature can survive along side
one another still remains a mystery to many scholars.  More bizarre however
is the relationship the goblins of Shiv have managed to forge to an alliance
with the reptilian warriors the Viashino to protect the precious Mana Rig
that was contained in Shiv's turbulent soils.

Goblin Sub Species By Plane:

The goblins in the plane of Mercadia are perhaps some of the strangest
oddities known across the multiverse. for uncharacteristically the goblins
are almost all noblemen and nabobs (Persian king.). being very
sophisticated.  The crew of the Weatherlight found this out the hard way
when their cabin hand Squee was elevated to the rank of Nabob and general
upon their visit to Mercadia.

The goblins upon this artificial planes do not resemble the short impish
beings of Dominaria and Mercadia. instead they are Moggs. large human sized
moguls and beastials whose intelligence is measured in teaspoons.  Ugly as
they are stupid. they blindly follow the orders of their commander Greven
il-Vec. once he tells them what to do. and after he points out their target.
and after he does it for them.

When the word "elf" is heard. most people generally associate it with those
rolly polly jolly little shrimps that worked for Santa Clause or for Keebler
Cookie factory.  Oh how wrong they are.  Elves are generally very tall and
slim humanoid beings. almost all of them being very handsome or beautiful in
appearance.  The most obvious notation about the elven race is that they
have long pointed ears. as is the characteristic of every known race of

The elves of Dominaria live in dense forests. almost always far away from
any sort of other sentient life. living in small communities in Elfhames and
treetop villages.  They tend to prefer a solitary life living in their own
encampments.almost never coming in contact with human life.  When they do
the outcome is almost always messy- the elves will shoot dead any intruders
of forests.

Elf Subspecies By Plane:
The elves on this plane are much different than the ones found in areas in
Dominaria such as they have adapted to the harsh surroundings of Rath. the
elves themselves more toned in the art of war and thus far warfare itself. 
Unlike the elves of Llanowar, the elves of  Rath were forced to be in a
constant state of awareness for the constant threat of an invasion and
attack from the Evincar of Rath. thus they had grown accustomed to the idea
and concepts of being warriors.