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Today I decided to do something a little different from the biographical
reports I do.  Today I've decided to do my biography report on the plane of

Old as time itself, the plane of Dominaria is a vast world filled with
fertile soils and lush vegetation.  Hundreds of civilizations have risen and
fallen upon its ground, but perhaps none of the them were as mysterious as
the Thran,  an artifact worshipping race that disappeared off the face of
Dominaria nearly ten millennia ago.  However, cast from the plane of
Dominaria before the Thran had disappeared, were a fanatical group of Thran
known as the Phyrexians.  Ever since that faithful day they were cast out to
a dark, empty plane, the Phyrexians have been plotting their return to

Dominaria is broken up into two large continents. as well as several small
islands in the many oceans and seas.  I will attempt to explain some of
these area's geography and inhabitants.

A medium sized continent lying the North Western area of Dominaria, it
contains several small territories within.  The continent itself is wedged
between the Spice Isles to the West, Sea of Whalers to the East. with it's
South Eastern shores touching the Voda Sea.

High in the Northern regions of Aerona, Keld's treacherous terrain makes
battles upon it nightmarish and near impossible.  However, the barbarian tribes
that survive the harsh environment have been able to adapt to it, being able
to grow and rise up into a terrorizing warrior nation.  These warriors
crossed the mighty and savage seas of Voda and Kukamissa on an invasion plan
upon the Northern islands of the continent Jamuraa before joining the
coalition to defeat Yawgmoth.

South of Keld, this territory is one of darkness, a hybrid of sea and
swamp.  Although many of the twisted principles held in this area are
akin to that of Yawgmoth, the Wrennans stand ready to battle the Phyrexians.

Almost all of the minotaur warriors, including even the Weatherlight's
Tahngarth, originate in this territory.  Containing a rather harsh climate,
the warriors within are hardier than other normal warriors would be, having
skills like the Keldons to deal with hindering terrain.

Firmly pressed against the East coast of Aerona, Benalia's many knights and
soldiers thought the Phyrexians to be nothing more than a fairy tale meant
to scare naughty children, such as the boogie man (Yes!  The 100 foot tall
Disco Leviathan!).  Because of their arrogance, upon the Phyrexian attack,
Benalia was utterly dominated by the war machines, the many great castles
and structures being torn down in violent explosions in the decimation, the population of the territory being mutilated and exterminated.  The great
warrior of the Weatherlight, Gerrard, was born here.

Caught in the middle of the continent, this territory is filled with lush
foliage of thousands of species of trees.  The inhabitants are a race of
elves that do not take so kindly to intruders in their forests, finding that
killing and maiming intruders much easier than trying diplomacy.  However,
the threat of the looming Phyrexians is too much for them, as the war elves
finally join the coalition after stalling for an enormous length of time,
only hoping that they could splash their spears with Phyrexian sinew.

An enormous continent on the South Eastern oceans of Dominaria, it is
inhabited mainly by dark skinned humans, many of the areas in the continent
untouched my human meddling. A great deal of the continent is uninhabited,
with most of the inhabited areas at the coasts of the huge land mass, as trading and
contact  has become a major implement in the war against Phyrexia. Peace was
normally set upon the landscape, however, a monstrosity known as Shauku, a
vile demoness, terrorized the Jamuraans for several years prior to the
Keldon invasion, and subsequently  the Phyrexian invasion. The land shape
itself is long and curls in upon itself at it's Eastern edges, forming the
Jamuraan Sea.

The first territory invaded by the Keldons, high in the North of Jamuraa, 
the people of Zerapa were aided by Barrin against the Keld invasion.  Much
of the mana in the territory is Red, however, their recent allying with
their neighbors of Vintara and Nakaya have allowed them to be able to use
Green and Black mana more readily in the war against the Phyrexians.

Extensively filled with lush jungle across the territory, mainly from the
ocean air and moisture attained from the Jamuraan Sea it borders, most of
Vintara's resources were depleted by the Keldon invasion.  However, it's
inhabitants would not stay down, as they joined their neighboring
territories in the fight against Phyrexia.

Ocean Nations~
Out in the open ocean and seas there are many islands inhabited by those who
would join Urza's coalition in the war against Phyrexia.

Besides the tip of Keld, it is the most Northern territory of them all. 
Found in the North Eastern area of Dominaria, it's landscape has been warped
and scorched by rampant volcanoes, almost all of it's inhabitants being
imbued with Red mana.  Those who do live in this hellish island have adapted
themselves to the circumstances in which they live, the goblins and
Viashino, a race of lizard like humanoids, are the primary settlers in the
area besides the dragons and elementals that tear across the landscape. 
Particularly important, a great mana rig devised by the Thran was discovered
upon the soil by Urza, bizarrely protected by the odd couple of goblins and

A dark swamp filled territory, inhabited by Black mages with diabolical
schemes and spells concocted within their minds, Urborg was an unlikely ally
to Urza, as many of the beasts that dwell within are the monsters of night:
vampires, zombies, ghouls and almost any sort of mutational beast you could
think of.  The dark Evincar of Rath, Crovax, was born in the territory into
one of its wealthiest families.

The Voda Sea, filled with thousands upon thousands of Merfolk aptly known as
the Vodalians, is yet another treacherous environment, its inhabitants not
caring about the outside world, or for that matter, what happens to the
outside world.  They stubbornly refused Urza's coalition; that was until the
Phyrexians attacked them and the nation realized they could not fend for