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Eladamri & Multani
Hey kiddies!  Let's get Green!  Today the biographies will be done upon the great dwellers of the forest...Eladamri and Multani!
Born in the artificial plane of Rath, Eladamri is the chieftain of a group of renegade elves who hide in the Skyshroud forest, defend themselves from the brutality and tyranny of those diabolical Evincars of Rath.
Like the others of his kind, Eladamri stands tall and proud, his ears long and pointed.  He is rather distrustful, as is the nature with his being.  However, being raised upon Rath leaves Eladamri, as well as rest of the elven kindred in his clan, hardened and war like, as they need these guerilla war skills to be able to fend off the onslaught of the approaching flowstone. 
When the rescue mission to Rath had been sent into repercussion by Gerrard and the crew of the Weatherlight, Eladamri and Gerrard had crossed paths.  Like all the outsiders that had come across Eladamri and his band in Skyshroud, he assumed them to be hostile, taking them prisoner.  Gerrard's ability to compromise and negotiate soon sets them free, proving to Eladamri that an enemy of the dark beings in Rath is an ally to them.  Months later, after the Weatherlight had departed for the plane of Mercadia, a Phyrexian assailant had infiltrated the elven camp while Eladamri had been away hunting.  Eladamri's only daughter, Avila, was killed by the assailant with a foul poison.  The other elves in the camp managed to strike down the murderer for Eladamri, but not before Avila's corpse had been tossed to Phyrexia.  Adding insult to injury, Avila's murderer was her fiancée, someone who Eladamri trusted, someone who had sold his soul to the devil.  In a genius and heroic plan, Eladamri enlisted the aid of the rebels led by Lin Sivi to lead an all out assault in a rebellion against the Stronghold.  They soon found out however, that though their plan of entry and assault was simple, finding a way to escape proved near impossible.  Fortunately for the rebels, they soon found a planescape walking device from the Phyrexian construct Belbe, who mirror matches the lost Avila perfectly.  With the rest of the poison that had been found at the scene of the murder, Eladamri tosses it upon Belbe, killing her in a matter of seconds before being pulled through Belbe's portal into Dominaria.  During his stay upon Dominaria, Eladamri's soldier worthy join Urza's plight against the Phyrexians in the large clustered army.  Eladamri himself soon encounters another Planeswalker - Freylise, who he spends some time with speaking of random occurrences in the goings on of the forests.  When Rath overlays Dominaria, Eladamri gladly finds that Skyshroud was brought along with it in the overlay.
An elemental being manifests itself in the form of Multani, a Maro sorcerer.  Akin to Gaea, and one with the forest, Multani is the living embodiment of the forest... his power that of a demi-god.
Multani spends much of his time studying the nature of Gaea... mainly by weaving through it closely.  When Multani caught wind of the Phyrexian invasion, he wholeheartedly joined with Urza's coalition so he would be given an opportunity to be able to protect his much beloved Gaea.  An odd and startling occurrence noticed by Multani was the appearance of the Kavu... strange and freakish creatures seemingly coming from Yavimaya herself, but... he realized it was not his place to judge Gaea's work.  Upon news that the Weatherlight had been shot down, Multani set off once again, using his abilities to revive the wood the great Skyship was made of, in effect letting it heal itself.  Oddly, an image of what resembles Hanna had regrown itself on the Weatherlight mast, first noticed by Karn, who had also been working on repairs.  Multani however, declined, showing that it was... but it wasn't Hanna... that it was the being Gaea.