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Regarding DeQuan's Terms List
By Gis

The list – some comments and making it somewhat longer

DeQuan Watson sent a list to this forum explaining some of the terms used in Magic. The list should be very useful for beginners and DeQuan did a good job. Though as a judge I felt compelled to point out some things about this list and I have a couple of words to add as well. I’ll quote a complete entry of DeQuan and put my comments under it.

MANA WEAVE - Place your lands throughout your deck every two to four cards before shuffling.  This is supposedly done to help distribute your mana whenever you are shuffling.

Mana weaving is not disallowed by the rules. But when I see a player do this I will always make sure they make sure their deck is sufficiently randomized afterwards. If I have doubts about the randomization process I will step in and check to see if my concerns are warranted. I will talk more about randomization later.

PILE SHUFFLE - A method of shuffling where you lay cards out in front of you face down, generally in piles of six or eight.

Although the term is misleading pile shuffling is not considered shuffling. Any technique used to shuffle which is reversible is not good. Pile shuffling is used by almost all competitive players somewhere in the shuffling process. So it is ok to pile shuffle your deck as long as you are using a different shuffling method for randomizing it.

RARE DRAFT - Take every possible rare that passes you during a draft.

A better description would be: Every pick in a draft which was done for the card “cash” value instead of the card “play” value for your deck.

RIFFLE SHUFFLE - The shuffle method in which cards are held in either hand and layed one over another rather quickly.  This is the popular way to shuffle among casual card players.

Riffle shuffling is the preferred way to randomize your deck. After seven riffle shuffles your deck should be “perfectly” randomized.

STALL - Taking an excessive amount of time to play out your turn to try and stretch out the game to hit the time limit and get a win or draw.

Just putting this in a list with terms make it looks like they are excepted practices. Stalling is not so I wanted to add something. In the penalty guidelines there are 2 offenses listed which are relevant. SLOW PLAY, which is described as, unintentionally playing too slow. The penalty for this offense is a caution at lower REL’s and a warning on higher REL’s. CHEATING – STALLING Intentionally playing slow in order to take advantage of a time limit. The penalty for this offense is a warning at lower REL’s and disqualification on higher REL’s.

In the next part of this article I would like to add some more useful terms (IMO)

BEAR – Used to describe 2/2 creatures with 2 casting cost. Refers to the good old Grizzly Bears.

BYE – When you have a “Bye” you don’t have to play in that round, but are awarded a full win for that round.

CONSTRUCTED – A format in which you need  your own deck of at least 60 cards.

COUNTER – A) Any spell with the words counter target spell on it somewhere. B) To use such a spell as mentioned in A. C) A small bead or something to represent an effect on a card. For instance a +1/+1 counter on a creature.

LIMITED – A format in which cards are provided by the organizers with which you need to built a deck of at least 40 cards.

MISE – Being lucky. Ex. “I mised the Bye.”

REL – Rules Enforcement Level. This is an indication of the importance of the tournament and the way the judge will penalize offenses. The lowest REL is 1 and the highest is 5.

Hope this has helped, Happy Gaming,


Please send comments to gorraxpb@yahoo.com




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