5-Color Magic

Editor's note:  This is more a couple of letters sent to me about 5-Color Magic rather than a feature article.  I apologize for the lack of continuity in the article, but both Jayson and I felt the information was good to get out.  So, hopefully in this article you'll have enough information to check out this really neat format.

"For the uninitiated, 5 Color is far and away the most electrifying format in Magic: The Gathering history. Players of this format must be willing to construct a 250-card deck & play for ante. They play with a passion unrivaled even on the Pro-Tour circuit."

This quote comes from long time 5-Color player and Pro-Tour player Jake "Danger" Janoska.  What he said was exactly right.  5-Color is the most addicting, most fun, and most broken format for Magic: the Gathering.  5-Color requires a deck of at least 250 cards, and all decks must have a minimum of 18 cards of every color.  Click here for a complete list of the rules for 5-Color.  Also 5-Color has it's own Banned and Restricted List.   The best part about 5-Color is getting to play some of your all-time favorite cards.  Contract from Below, Jeweled Bird, and even Chaos
Orb.  Recently we have started running qualifiers for a New 5-Color Pro-Tour Event in Columbus, during Origins.  These qualifiers will be held throughout the U.S. and we will have $1,250 for the prize purse in Columbus.  If you are interested in playing 5-Color please visit  www.5-color.com.

As many of you may or may not know 5Color is spreading like wildfire across the World.  That is why we felt it was essential to make the format more structured.  Don't get me wrong, I love 5, and I love the fun that comes with it.  We aren't going to take that away from anyone.  We will always have the casual, loud, obnoxious, 5-Color that we have all grown accustomed to, but we have decided to take the future of 5-Color to the next step.  In the past, 5-Color tournaments have been really sporadic, and confusing.  After talking with Kurt I have decided to take the initiative to promote 5-Color qualifiers across the United States.  Here is what I have come up with.

I have decided to institute a revolutionary idea to the 5-Color community.  This year at Origins we will hold the first ever 5-Color Pro-Tour.  And depending on the response to the first 5-PT in Columbus, we will decide whether or not to have more 5-PTs in the future.  Here is the layout for the first ever 5-PT.

5-PT Columbus Qualifiers:
These qualifiers will take place where there is a demand for 5-Color.
The entrance fee and prizes of the tournaments will vary from place to place.
We will be charging $25 for a slot at 5-PT Columbus.
The $25 will be sent to the treasurer of 5-Color to pay for 5-PT Columbus.
It is MANDATORY that there are at least 8 players in each qualifier.
Judges/Tournament Organizers will be determined.
All players must give the judge their name and email address to participate.
(This allows us to verify that there are at least 8 real people playing in
each qualifier.)
If you are caught "buying a slot" for yourself you will not be allowed to
play in Ohio.

5-PT Columbus
50 people will be invited to participate in 5-PT Columbus
There will be 47 qualifiers held throughout the U.S.
There will be 2 meat-grinders the day before 5-PT Columbus, in Columbus
Jason Moungey will automatically be qualified for 5-PT Columbus.
5-PT Columbus will take place at Origins on July 7th, in Columbus, Ohio
Players will be playing for $1,250.

Any questions, or wanting to get a qualifier?
Please email me at: jayson@sndmagic.com.
Please note that the banned/restricted list will be found on www.5-color.com.

Jayson Manship