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03.07.02  -  Hey, I've got a Green/Blue Threshold deck that I'd like tweaked. I built it for fun, and somehow it hasn't  lost a match yet out of around 7 or 8 games. I'd like for it to actually be a  decent (though not too expensive) deck. Here's the decklist and thanks for your  time.
 2 Opt
 4 Careful Study (I know it's not the best draw, but 3 cards in graveyard first turn is useful)
 4 Nimble Mongoose
 4 Wild Mongrel
 3 Rites of Spring
 3 Werebear
 3 Harrow
 3 Cephalid Looter
 2 Nantuko Cultivator
 2 Fact or Fiction
 4 Springing Tiger
 4 Centaur Chieftain
 7 Islands
 15 Forests


I like the comment Alex has about Careful Study. At first glance Careful Study appears to be card disadvantage because you only get 2 cards for the price of three (the 2 discarded cards plus the Careful Study). Having said that, Careful Study works wonders with all three mechanics from Odyssey block... namely Threshold, Flashback, and Madness. 

As Alex mentioned Careful Study very quickly puts 3 cards into the grave to help achieve Threshold in a hurry. This makes creatures like Werebear and Nimble Mongeese busty in a hurry.

On top of that Careful Study works well with Madness and Flashback. Ideally you'd like to see turn one Careful Study pitching 2 Basking Rootwalla. 1 Rootwalla and 1 Roar of the Wurm may be even beter, a 6/6 token for a mere 4 mana is insane.

Your other way to abuse these 3 mechanics fully is the living legend Wild Mongrel. Turn 2 Mongrel turn 3 Arrogant Wurm can end games in an awful hurry. Mongrel + Circular Logic combo's just as nicely... Circular Logic is essentially a counterspell for only one blue mana in this deck.

Here's what I'd run if trying to "break" Careful Study.

4 Basking Rootwalla
4 Nimble Mongoose
4 Wild Mongrel
4 Werebear
3 Arrogant Wurm
3 Roar of the Wurm

4 Careful Study
4 Obsessive Search
4 Circular Logic
4 Aether Burst
2 Upheaval

10 Islands
10 Forests

Hey! This deck is all Odyssey block cards!! Not a surprise since we're trying to abuse Odyssey mechanics.

With so many cheap spells and Madness costs this deck should be played as the aggressor... with a decent hand you should be able to easily put an opponent on a clock. If by chance the deck fizzles or the opponent is able to deal with your threats, Upheaval is an excellent reset button and you should recover much faster than the opponent due to all the cheap goods in the deck. Upheaval followed by a 3/3 Untargetable Mongoose is pretty decent in ANY format!

20 lands seems OK for this deck with such a low mana curve. 8 "cantrips" and 4 Werebears will help in this department.

Hope this helps... have fun!



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