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06.07.02  -    Hey, Aaron! This is the first block deck that I have ever built, so I could use your help. This deck is called Jolly Green Giant, and the idea is to play Ernham Djijn, then play a Devestating Dreams for four. It clears the board, allowing Ernie to swing for the win.

4x Werebear
4x Ernham Djinn
4x Patchwork Gnomes
4x Wild Mongrel
2x Druid Lyrisist

4x Devestating Dreams
4x Firey Temper
4x Violent Eruption
2x Simplify
3x Browbeat
1x Hollostic Wisdom


Ah, shades of Ernham-Geddon.... only in the more aggressive shades of R/G!  While the deck above appears solid (I'm assuming there's 24 lands in there somewhere) I have just a few thoughts on how to make the deck better.

First off... a rant. 


Why the heck is no one playing Gurzigost?!?

Let me just run the numbers by you in case you haven't noticed him collecting dust in all those trade binders:

Creature -- Beast
At the beginning of your upkeep, sacrifice Gurzigost unless you put 2 cards from your graveyard on the bottom of your library.

GG, Discard a card from your hand:  You may have Gurzigost deal its combat damage to defending player this turn as though it weren't blocked.

OK, I'll admit that's a lot to read... so I'll break it down for all you unable to interpret the above...


The creature type says it all... he's a Beast and then some.  I really don't see his drawback as much of a drawback at all... no one actually plays with Threshold in constructed anyway so who cares if Gurzigost makes you put two cards from Grave back into your deck?  Madness is by far the most powerful mechanic in Odyssey Block.  Not only that, Red and Green IMO got the best Madness spells!!  Not only do these spells work just fine all by themselves... they are truly wrecking balls when combined with the obvious Wild Mongrel, but they also work with Gurzigost!!  Another underrated card that works wonders with Madness is Devastating Dreams.  While it is random discard... there's nothing better than Sweeping the board of all creatures and lands for little more than RR thanks to Madness.

So where am I going with this?  My point is that while Ernie is an old favorite, he is no longer the stuff.  There are so many other green creatures out there right now that truly are more powerful and worthwhile than the Green Djinn.  Phantom Centaur makes another good case as he has to be killed by conventional means 3 times... and he doesn't give opposing creatures Evasion like Ernie does either!

Anyway... here's a rough draft of what I feel could truly abuse some of the best creatures and Madness spells in Odyssey Block.

4 Basking Rootwalla
4 Wild Mongrel
4 Barbarian Bully
4 Arrogant Wurm
4 Phantom Centaur
3 Gurzigost

4 Fiery Temper
3 Violent Eruption
3 Browbeat
3 Devastating Dreams

4 Mossfire Valey
12 Forest
8 Mountains

Browbeat makes for a great way to either take a huge chunk out of the opponents life early... or late when you get to draw three cards it helps to fuel all the discarding to Mongrel/Bully/Gurzigost/Devastating Dreams.  Just remember that discarding those cards is part of the casting cost for Devastating Dreams... be careful to not let the opponent counter it and really ruin your day.

Also, a quick apology as I realize I've been writing about R/G a lot lately.  I get like this where I go in spurts and play very specialized deck styles.  Last year I was very into B/U "counter/discard" strategies... lately I've been very successful with R/G "smash you in the face" strategies.  I'll try to be a bit more diverse in the weeks to come.  =)

Hope this helps... have fun!



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