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06.21.02  -    From: kenny nguyen 

Hey i just got back into mtg but...it seems that a whole buncha crap came out during my leave. basically i stopped after nemesis and now there are 2 additional cycles that came out (oddessey and invasion i think) anyways I'm thinking about buying a booster box of just one set but i dunno which one is >the best one. here's a list of expansion i might want:

7th ed.

so what i want to know is that what set has the better cards altogether but also does not have to many crap cards. if you want to just tell me your favorite and why (because i don't want to waste 65 bucks on a bad set) thanks for your time.


My advice to someone getting back into the game would be to buy Odyssey Block (Odyssey, Torment, and Judgment) since it will be around longer than the Invasion set.  Doing so means you'll get more time to use those cards, and more bang for your buck.

If I had to choose one specific expansion to buy a box of, I'd pick Torment.  Torment has plenty of chase cards in the Rare, Uncommon, and Common slots.  This is the only set that has the Madness mechanic which is extremely powerful and several madness cards are showing up in constructed decks.  There also seems to be a higher than normal amount of playable rares in Torment... and mercifully there aren't that many "crap" rares either.

Hope this helps... have fun!



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