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06.14.02  -    hey aaron,
        i made a new obc deck, quiet roar. everyone says its so good, and it is, but i seem to be the only one playing it. well here it is:

4x roar of the wurm
4x quiet speculation
4x wild mongrel
4x deep analysis
4x beast attack
3x brawn
2x wonder
4x nimble mongoose
4x werebear
4x basking rootwalla
2x compulsion

12x forests
9x islands

so here it is. i haven't made a sideboard yet, but i'm working on it.

                                                avatar of steve


Hate to burst your bubble "Avatar", but your not the only guy who noticed Quiet Speculation and Roar of the Wurm go together nicely.  Actually there's nothing nice about this combo at all.  Quiet Roar is the deck to test against in Odyssey Block Constructed  now that Judgment is officially here.

Interestingly enough, there was another U/G deck that saw play even before Judgment.  Simply called "U/G Madness", the deck abused good madness spells with the 2 best beatsticks in OBC, Wild Mongrel and Aquameoba.  Catching someone off-guard or heaven forbid land light, you could often do the following:

turn 2 Mongrel, Go.
turn 3 Pump Mongrel with Roar and Arrogant (pay Madness), attack for 4, Go.
turn 4 Attack with Mongrel and Arrogant for 6, Flashback Roar, Go.
Turn 5 Swing with all three, watch opponent enter their "scoop phase".

That's 22 Damage at a bear minimum by turn 5!!  OK, so what happens if your opponent doesn't get hosed early and somehow deals with all that green goodness?  Just reset the board with Upheaval and make the opponent deal with it again!!

So now with the advent of Judgment it only seems right to improve upon this deck with the Quiet Roar engine.  Here's what I like to call...

"Not So Quiet Roar"

4 Basking Rootwalla
4 Wild Mongrel
3 Aquamoeba
4 Arrogant Wurm
4 Roar of the Wurm
2 Wonder

3 Quiet Speculation
4 Aether Burst
4 Circular Logic
2 Deep Analysis
2 Upheaval

12 Forests
12 Islands

Wonder is suitably named, especially when in this deck.  Imagine the scenario I described above, only give all those green beatsticks flying.  YEAH BUDDY!!

Hope this helps... have fun!
Aaron Teare



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