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Pojo's Book Reviews



02.22.02  - I have been working on this deck for a while now and I wanted to get a professionals opinion on it before I take it to my first tournament ever, the JSS. I know it needs to be tweaked a bit. Please help me out.. Deck list is below. Description follows.

4 stone rain
4 pillage
4 earth rift
4 tremble
3 dwarven landslide  
3 epicenter  
4 terravore
4 llanowar elves
2 birds of paradise (all i have)
4 firebolt
4 earthquake
4 karplusan forest
6 forest
11 mountain

3 price of glory
3 hull breach
3 wildfire
3 kavu chameleon
3 ghitu fire

This deck is supposed to start with a bird or llanowar elf on first turn. Then on second turn I start using land destruction looking the opponent down. Ater some time I put into paly a terravore whch ends up being relativley big from all the lands in the graveyard. Through in an epicenter and you hve your self a big beasty (usualy between 20-30/20-30) that will trample anything. The thing is I am going to the JSS this weekend and I do not want to go and get spanked so I decided to get some prefossional help. This will be my first tournment ever. I have made a sideboard but it looks kinda sorry because it is the first sideboard I have ever made and i put it together today. Please help me out. Thank you very much.


I see 2 things I'd tweak to make this deck immediately improved.

1st off is addressing roads to victory, or in this case the lack of.  While Terravore can get huge quick, it can be easily dealt with by a number of removal spells.  Wild Mongrel makes for a great addition to the deck.  Not only is the Mongrel one of the best Green creatures ever printed, it also helps the deck in several ways.  Mongrel allows you to pitch extra lands to the graveyard to beef up Terravore in a hurry.  Pulling this off at instant speed can really screw up an opponents math if trying to kill the Terravore with damage!  Also Mongrel helps you achieve Threshold much faster making Epicenter much closer to Armageddon than just an expensive Stone Rain.  All this and Mongrel while Mongrel beats down at the same time!

The other issue to address is the choice of LD.  Lava Blister seems to me to be the best LD available in Standard currently.  With so many non-basic lands available and all the multicolor decks currently played Lava Blister is gonna cause opponents problems.  Worst case it can always be pitched to Wild Mongrel if you know the opponents running no non-basics!  Don't worry if the opponent pays 6 life to counter the LD... it'll just make your Earthquake a finisher as well as a sweeper!!

Here's my proposed decklist:

4 Terravore
4 Wild Mongrel
3 Flametongue Kavu

4 Stone Rain
4 Pillage
4 Lava Blister
3 Epicenter
4 Firebolt
4 Earthquake

4 Birds of Paradise (get them, they help cast Pillage and avoid Earthquake!)
4 Karplusan Forest
6 Forests
12 Mountains

I especially like the addition of Earthquake.  Weenie decks are just as popular as ever and have traditionally given LD decks problems since by definition weenies require very little mana to cast.  

Since you listed your Sideboard, you may want to include the new Overmaster from Torment.  This cheap cantrip is excellent versus opponents running counters.  Counterspell decks are another deck type that traditionally have given LD headaches..

Hope this helps... have fun!



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