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Aaron's School of Higher Learning.  

From: "blizzard"
I created a Green/White deck that im trying to use for regular play. I want to keep the deck to a regulation size and I have access to a large collection of cards. The strategy of this deck is to get Dueling Grounds out and lots of Green power creatures with some white creatures and defense spells. So here is my deck.

Dueling Giants ver. 1.0

15 Forests
15 Plains

1 Grizzly Bears
2 panther Warriors
1 Rabid Wolverines
1 Elven Riders
1 Avatar of Might
1 Thicket Basilisk
1 Serpentine Kavu
1 Pincer Spider
1 Thornscape Battlemage
2 Shambling Strider
1 Repopulate
1 Quirion Explorer
1 Jhovall Rider
1 Aura Blast
1 Charging Paladin
2 Circle of Protection: Red
2 Radiants Dragoons
1 Seal of Cleansing
2 Trap Runners
2 Holy Days
2 Scent of Jasmine

1 Tigereye Cameo

1 Dueling Grounds
Dear Blizzard, 

This deck has potential to be a very effective deck, however the deckbuilder has made one big mistake that I can see.  As per your comments, if the focus of the deck is winning with Dueling Grounds... then you need more than 1 Dueling Grounds in the deck!!  Simply put... playing with only 1 copy of a card  means you'll play SEVERAL games where you'll never see that copy of the card.  If you build your deck around a certain theme (in this case dropping Dueling Grounds and then pounding your opponent over the head with a Green fattie) then you'll want to play with lots of those cards to achieve the desired effect consistently every game.  I'd recommend playing with at least 3 of a card to see it consistently unless you have several "Tudor" effects in your deck.

Another issue the deck seems to have is the mana base.  30 lands in a 60 card deck is just too many... even for the most mana intensive of decks.  A 50% mana mix means you'll draw a land every other draw... nothing can be more heartbreaking than topdecking another land when you REALLY needed a spell to survive.  As a general rule I start with 24 land in a 2 color deck but have been known to go as high as 26.  Also mana related, never forget about the color Green's greatest asset... mana acceleration.  Adding a few Llanowar Elves not only increases the creature count of the deck, it also allows you to get your power cards like Dueling Grounds on the board faster.

Finally... get some better creatures to win the game with.  If you're playing with Masques cards then Blastoderm and Saporling Burst are excellent choices.  Invasion Block also has some beefy options like Charging Troll, Noble Panther, and Sabertooth Nishoba.  Another great card for this strategy would be to "pants" up said creature with Armadillo Cloak to ensure your creature is hands down beter than the opponents.

Hope this helps!  Have fun!
Aaron Teare



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