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12.30.01  - 

From: Paul Reisinger 
Sent: Saturday, December 29, 2001 9:23 AM
To: aaron@pojo.com
Subject: about my Discard and Draw deck...


I played my friend today with the revised deck and I CRUSHED HIM!!!

You were right about the land ratio because, in previous games, I kept getting stuck with all black cards and red and blue mana. The land situation is now 5 mountain, 7 island, and 10 swamp, 2 sulfurous springs, 4 salt marsh, and 2 shivan reef. Although it is a lot, it worked for me. im thinking of kicking it down to 1 springs, 2 marsh, and 1 reef.

I added 3 Probe, a card i COMPLETELY forgot about, and traded my Archivist to my friend for 4 Shadowmage, which worked perfectly ( he had a red and green deck so he couldn't block).

BTW, i added 2 veiled crocodile, which worked well also.

Thanks again for the deck fix.

Paul Reisinger



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