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I was looking through my cards since Odyssey came out , and 1 7th Ed card
screamed at me to build a deck around it: Megrim.

Here's my deck...

Black creatures:

3 Abyssal Specter
1 Mindslicer

Black Spells:

4 Megrim
4 Mind Burst
3 Phyrexian Arena
1 Duress
1 Ostracize

Blue Creatures:

4 Cephalid Looter
4 Cephalid Broker

Blue Spells:

4 Counterspell
3 Boomerang

Gold Spells:

3 Recoil


4 Cephalid Coliseum
4 Salt Marsh
8 Island
9 Swamp

The idea is to use the deck's card drawing to draw a Megrim as soon as
possible, whilst using discard sorceries on the opponent. Once Megrim hits the table you switch the Cephalids' special ability onto the opponent and Megrim can cause some serious grief! One Megrim does 6 points of
uncounterable damage if you sac a Coliseum at the opponent! 

Now THAT'S entertainment!

In my initial playtesting this deck seems to be weaker against v quick weenie decks, but I haven't tried it against too many deck types.

Any advice on this one Aaron??




Discard is one of the oldest and most effective forms of disruption in the game.  Megrim gives Discard a serious kick in the pants as it allows you to actually kill the opponent while disrupting them!

As Andrew mentioned,
aggressive decks are going to give a Megrim deck serious issues as they tend to deal damage faster then the Discarding + Megrim can.  

A good card to help slow down the opponents early creature drops is Ravenous Rats.  At it's worst the rats can chump block an opposing fattie.  At it's best it can take out cards like Raging Kavu, Thornscape Apprentice and Blurred Mongoose!  Regardless it supports the deck with early discarding.  Another interesting option is to use Sadistic Hypnotist along with Ravenous Rats.  Since both are creatures they can attack if able, but their main function will be to ensure the opponent never has too many cards in hand.

Another way to keep up with all the damage of
aggressive decks is to RACE THEM!  The easy to find planeshift rare Urza's Guilt only costs four mana and deals a whopping 10 damage to the opponent!

The Megrim deck needs to draw and play Megrim early to succeed.  I'd recommend using Blue search cards like Opt and Sleight of Hand to ensure this.  Duress and Addle should also be used to make sure the opponent doesn't have any ways to deal with the Megrim once it's played.  These cards also work well in the early game and support the decks discarding.  The perfect amalgamation of Search and Discard comes in the form of Probe.  When this card is kicked the advantage it generates is devastating... in conjunction with Megrim the combo is truly sick!

4 Recoil is an absolute MUST for this deck to help slow early attacking creatures as well as deal with any other annoying permanent giving the deck trouble.  Recoil has recently got MUCH more impressive with all the power Token generators from Odyssey like Call of the Herd and Beast Attack since Recoil can PERMANENTLY deal with the Token creature and the opponent STILL has to discard a card!  

Another Odyssey card that deals well with these Flashback cards is Syncopate, an excellent counterspell that only requires one Blue Mana and removes the countered card from the game.  This effect really hurts Flashback.  Another excellent counter option is Spite/Malice as it can both protect your Megrim and doubles as
creature removal!

Finally, be careful when using cards that deal damage to yourself like Arena and Cephalid Coliseum.  While there MAY be a place for them in the deck... too many of them will end up doing more damage to you than they're worth.  This may in turn help the opponent more than anything!

Hope this helps... have fun!



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