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Pojo's Book Reviews



'ello , all I want is for ya to tweek the deck where needed. I've seem to
keep losing...whats the problem?


23x Mountains
1x ravaged highlands.


2x Cinder elemental
2x Kris Mage
1x Battle Squadron
1x Halberdier
2x Chainflinger
3x Pardic Firecat
2x Shock troops.


1x Ensnaring Bridge


1x lunge
2x Flare
3x Flame Burst
2x Magma burst
2x Zap
2x Lightning Blast
1x Blazing Salvo


1x Breath of Darigaaz
1x Scorching missile
x3 Reckless Charge
2x Liquid Fire
2x Firebolt

Playing burn is all about timing.  In the current T2 scene a surprise burn deck can be a very nasty thing indeed.  If the opponent is prepared for you it can be quite a problem, as even the best burn decks will have a hard time racing a "grizzly bear" with Pro Red (Galina's Knight).

However, Odyssey gives us a few new cards to work with to help a burn deck's build.  Barbarian Ring deals 2 damage that ISN'T red so the deck can deal with Pro Red in a pinch.  Those 2 damage can also be thrown at the opponent to finish them off if necessary.

Odyssey also gives us access to a new "mechanic" of cards that say effectively "unless your opponent chooses to take a TON of damage, you get this really cool effect".  The 2 cards I'm thinking of specifically are Lava Blister and Blazing Salvo.  With so many non-basics and multicolor decks currently in the T2 scene, Lava Blister is an excellent way to disrupt the opponents early game, and if for some crazy reason the opponent elects the TON of damage option... so much the better for you!  Throw in Pillage and Stone Rain and you can practically void an opponent of one of his colors if he's playing a multicolor deck!

This disruption should buy your deck plenty of time to build mana and jam mana down the opponents throat.  Even tho' Fireblast is no longer around (and thank God for that) there are still plenty of solid burn spells like Earthquake, Volcanic Hammer, Firebolt, Urza's Rage and Ghitu Fire.  For people who don't want to spend for the expensive rares like Rage and Ghitu Fire, alternatives are available like Shock and Blaze.

Here's my idea:

4 Lava Blister
4 Stone Rain
4 Pillage

4 Blazing Salvo
4 Firebolt
4 Volcanic Hammer
4 Earthquake
4 Urza's Rage
2 Ghitu Fire
2 Jayemdae Tome

20 Mountains
4 Barbarian Ring

As a final note to the deck builder, Kudo's for the inclusion of the Flare-type cards!  Card advantage is an INTEGRAL part to any deck.  I didn't include them in my build only because there aren't that many 1 defense creatures currently in my meta-game.  I included Jayemdae Tome in the place of Flare to give the deck some card drawing.  Anyway,  I have some fond memories of dealing with many an opponents Ball Lightning or "Pump" Knight with the innocent looking Flare!  =)

Finally, I think you'll be impressed with the lack of creatures in the deck!  By running NO creatures you turn every one of your opponents cards that deal with creatures worthless... especially the mighty Flametongue Kavu!  Of course after game one you could side IN Flametongue Kavu while at the same time your opponent will prolly take all his creature removal OUT!  Hee hee, sideboarding can be so fun when you're EVIL like me!  =)

Hope this helps... have fun!



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