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Aaron's School of Higher Learning. 

Hey Aaron!

This is the deck that I'm going to play at the t2 tournament next weekend. it mixes discard, creatures, and control. I have had problems developing a strong mana base, so LD gives this deck fits. Thanks.

2x Farie Squadron
1x Air Elemental
1x Thieving Magpie
1x Fallen Angel
2x Looming Shade
1x Abyssal Specter
1x Spineless Thug
1x Duskwalker
2x Urborg Drake

1x Repulse
1x Deflection
2x Remove Soul
1x Opt
1x Probe
4x Counterspell
1x Ostracize
4x Dark Banishing
1x Mind Rot
1x Ghastly Demise
1x Hypnotic Cloud
4x Duress

1x Confiscate
2x Unholy Strength

3x Millstone

9x Island
9x Swamp
1x Underground River



Discard and Counterspells is always so tempting to build.  The ability to strip key cards out of the opponents hand is evil, almost as evil as countering any serious threats the opposition might topdeck.  
While powerful... every strategy has at least one weakness.  For this deck, it's usually dealing with any early threats the opponent can muster.  Recoil almost single-handedly makes this deck possible, since it can deal with early threats and support the decks discard theme.  Bounce works excellent with the Counterspells as it effectively gives you "another chance" to counter something you may have missed the first time.  Recoil even deals with permanents like Lands, Artifacts, and Enchantments which traditionally are difficult for B/U decks do deal with once they resolve!

As always, a control deck is only as good as it's card-drawing engine.  The old staple Thieving Magpie is excellent as it keeps your hand full of counters and slowly reduces the life total of the opponent.  Magpies new "little brother" Shadowmage Infiltrator works much the same way with the added bonus of costing one less mana!  I like Sleight of Hand as it helps find a key card at any point in the game whether it be early or late.  Other excellent idea's for this area are Exclude, Repulse, Fact or Fiction, or my all time fave... Probe.

Here's a version I'm playing currently:

4 Thieving Magpie
4 Shadowmage Infiltrator
1 Mahamoti Djinn

4 Sleight of Hand
4 Duress
4 Counterspells
4 Syncopate
4 Recoil
4 Spite / Malice
2 Tsabo's Decree
1 Yawgmoth's Agenda

4 Underground River
12 Islands
8 Swamps

As I've mentioned before, a control deck usually needs just a few roads to victory.  Mahamoti is much better than Air Elemental as just one more colorless mana gives you an additional +1/+2.  Yawgmoths Agenda resolving when you have control of the board will almost always persuade the opponent to concede.  

Additionally, if Black is popular in your area you may want to switch Spite / Malice with a creature removal card that can affect black creatures due to the "fear factor" of the Infiltrator.

Hope this helps... have fun!



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