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Aaron's School of Higher Learning. 

>From: Logic990
>hey .. I'm new to the game and I'm hoping you can help me out thanks...oh and I
>don't know what type this is...
>15 islands
>10 plains
>2 kor haven
>4 mahamoti djinn
>4 blizzard elemental
>4 great whale
>4 counterspell
>3 brainstorm
>3 mana short
>2 holy day
>3 wash out
>4 prohibit
>2 repulse

Old school!!  U/W control is a staple deck type that's literally been around forever.  With the "new" standard environment being significantly slower than ever before... control decks have a new lease on life.  While this deck looks solid already, a few suggestions should make it much better as well as legal for post-Odyssey play.

The most important part of a "control" deck is living long enough to establish control of the board.  Once that's done, simply protecting your road to victory (otherwise known as Big PHat Flier) is all you need to do.  This is certainly easier said than done.  Board control can be temporarily accomplished by Wash Out, but this only works on cards of one color... and eventually the opponent will just recast them.  Wrath of God is clearly better in this deck since it deals with the opponents creature threat(s) permanently.  While rare, Wrath of God has been in EVERY base set of magic ever and should be easy to obtain.  White also offers several decent spot removal effects if needed, Repulse fits this bill fine tho' since it slows the opponent as well as protects your own creatures in the late game. Dismantling Blow should be main in this deck as another way to keep the board clear of any nasty artifacts or enchantments.  

To ensure you always have the right control cards at the right time... card drawing is vital.  With Brainstorm MIA try its replacement Sleight of Hand for early searching... and for mid-game brutality use Fact of Fiction to overwhelm the opponent with card drawing.

Finally, the creatures.  I've always been a fan of Mahamoti (my nick is phatmoti on mIRC) but three should be MORE than enough.  4 Serra Angels is truly the trump card for the deck however since she can attack every round and hold off any weenies the opponent may have squeaked past your counters.  While 7 creatures may not seem like enough, trust me when I say by the time you've taken control of the board you'll have that Big PHat Flier!  Too many expensive creatures in the deck and they'll clog up your hand in the early game.

Take a look at my version...

4 Serra Angel
3 Mahamoti Djinn

4 Counterspell
4 Absorb
4 Syncopate
4 Wrath of God
4 Repulse
2 Dismantling Blow
4 Sleight of Hand
3 Fact or Fiction

4 Coastal Tower
4 Adakar Wastes
10 Islands
6 Plains

Hope this helps... have fun!



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