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Sheep: The Other White Meat

Matt sent me this 1.5 ovinomancer-themed deck and told me that I could
change whatever I wanted, so long as the ovinomancer stayed.  I chose this
decklist because it lets me have a lot of fun with card choices, and lets
the readers see something different from the average fare.  Here's the
original list folks:
>4 Counterspell
>4 Thwart
>4 Gush
>4 Ovimancer
>4 Shock
>4 Fire/Ice
>4 Seismic Assault  4 Winter Orb
>4 Jilt
>4 Propaganda
>14 Islands  (need to have these and keep drawing them!)
>9 Mountains

So, first things first, I'm going to change the deck to make it really focus
on those little sheep.  We're going to add 4 varchild's war rider's to the
already present ovinomancers.  Now, although you must be thinking that this
is an awful lot of creatures for your opponent, the rest of the deck handles
that problem quite nicely.  First, we'll put in pyroclasm, in case the
soldiers and the sheep get too cuddly and turn on their creators.  Then,
we'll put in invasion plans, which, when played correctly, offers you
another way to kill all the tokens:  simply attack with the war riders.  As
the real kill of the deck, repercussions should put all of your opponents
away nice and neat when that pyroclasm hits all of their creatures, and,
retroactively, them.  As an instant way to roast those little guys, fault
line will find its way into the deck.  Now we'll add goblin bombardments and
get really crazy.  the bombarments allow you to get rid of war-riders that
have outlived their usefullness, and also allow you to have a good way to
handle other attackers.  This is where the last cards of the deck come in. 
the last cards will look like this: reins of power(look this card up, its
crazy for casual), counterspell, and ray of command.  These cards let you
steal your opponents creatures, attack them with them, and then sac them for
massive damage to their dome.  So let's see what the deck looks like now,
shall we?

4 Ovinomancer
4 Varchild's War Riders
4 Repercussions
4 Pyroclasms
4 Fault Lines
3 Invasion Plans
3 Goblin Bombardment
4 Reins of Power
4 Counterspell
4 Ray of Command
(Yes, its 62 cards, and yes its ok.  Its casual Magic, lighten up!)
4 Shivan Reef
4 Volcanic Island
8 Mountain
8 Islands

Now, did I make this deck better?  I have absolutely no idea.  The fact is,
that in casual groups, the group's nature determines whether I did good or
not.  If its anything like one casual group I was once a part of, where most
players have a lot of decks, it should be a good deck to mix-up the monotony
that can sometimes exist, and if the players play politically, well, this
deck has politics written all over it.  Between stealing and saccing all of
your opponents guys to giving them lots of soldier tokens, there's a lot of
room for negotiation...hope you enjoy the sheep & soldier barbecue, until
next time,