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T1 Water Elemental Deck

         Rob Mack sent me a Waterspout Elemental Deck a while ago, and I never really figured out what I wanted to do with it until now.  Plus, waterspout's one of those cards that's really just too cool to let go untouched.  So let's take a look at the patient:
>3x Waterspout Elemental
>3x Sunscape Familiar
>4x Chimeric Idol
>3x Wall of Essence
>4x Silver Drake
>4x Excise
>4x Counterspell
>2x Teferi's Moat
>2x Ashnod's Alter
>3x Armeggedon
>3x Misdirection
>1x Death or Glory
>3x Coastal Tower
>11x Islands
>10 Plains
         Rob built the deck for a casual type 1 setting, so we have a large card pool to work with.  His hopes were that he could play the elemental and follow up with geddon, so that they would be unable to cast creatures.  What he overlooked was the fact that they wil probably be able to recast their creatures in the two turns he's giving them.  So, lets figure out how to keep the waterspout elemental, but also have them lose cards.  My first thought, and most likely everyone else's, is make the deck blue-black, so let's go that way, and see if my deck raises any eyebrows.
         There are some cards that lend themselves to a deck like this immediately.  Warped devotion and megrim are two likely candidates.  Warped Devotion makes waterspout elemental similar to not only an evacuation, but also a mind twist.  Pretty neat huh?  Megrim, with warped devotion, does them 2 damage for each card discarded.  With warped devotion, its kind of sick.  Washout is another good card, as it has similar effects to the waterspout itself, and it'll help keep you from...what's that word?  Oh yeah...dying.  What we can do is shape and morph this deck completely around this set of cards, to make a pretty awesome casual deck that'll do one of two things, make people miserable, or kill them before they know what happened.  Let's take a look at what other support cards we get from this.
         Rising Waters and Winter Orb are both good cards, and the one we'll lean towards is winter orb, because of the lower casting cost, so that they(our opponent) can't easily recast the stuff we just washed out or waterspouted back to their hand.  And, just in case we don't draw the warped devotions in our deck, we'll add 1 black vise and 4 iron maidens, to punish them, one way or another.  We can also keep the chimeric idols, since none of our new cards effect them, and since they, well, wreck stuff and stuff.  Oh yeah, tutors are good right?  Yeah, they are.  So we'll trhow in a vampiric tutor and a demonic.  That'll help us be a great deal more consistent.  That leaves us with room for 8 cards in this deck.  This will allow us to add Propaganda, another phenomenal card to give you time to stick around, as well as 4 Impulse to give us even more search to find the pieces of our very comboish deck.  What's our deck look like now?  Like this:

4 Waterspout Elemental
4 Washout
4 Warped Devotion
3 Megrim
4 Winter Orb
1 Black Vise
2 Iron maiden
4 Chimeric Idol
1 Demonic Tutor
1 Vampiric Tutor
4 propaganda
4 Impulse

4 Salt Marsh(I'm assuming true duals aren't available, if they are, use them)
12 Islands
8 Swamps-With the lack of any double-black spells, we don't need these so much.

Well, I hope this helps you out Rob, see you in a Flash!
-Wally West