Enchant Deck

Chad sent me his "enchant deck" for a minor tune-up.  It has been doing
well in his area, and he would like it to stay type 2 when I tune it.  Lets
see what we can do with his initial decklist shown here:
>4 Charging Troll
>4 Noble Panther
>4 Llanowar Elf
>4 Llanowar Knight
>1 Sabretooth Nishoba
>4 Armadillo Cloak
>4 Ancestral Mask
>4 Spidersilk Armor
>4 Sterling Grove
>4 Divine Transformation
>1 Dueling Grounds
>1 Harsh Judgement
>10 Forests
>8 Plains
>4 Elfhame Palace

I'll go to the creatures first, as they're his only way of winning.  I
would keep Noble panther, as they are a phenomenal creature, difficult to
kill, and their cost-to-power ratio is good.  What I mean by cost-to-power
is that in an aggressive deck, if a creature costs more than its power(for
example, any 3-casting cost 2/2 creature, there's plenty of them), it
should have really useful abilities, like charging troll.  We'll also keep
charging troll, because his abilites more than make up for the one more
mana you pay for him.  Llanowar Knight is also someone I have no problems
with because he fits the curve very nicely.  Llanowar Elves, however, don't
seem to be as good in this scenario as birds of paradise, or if you don't
have birds, then quirion elves, as being able to produce both colors seems
vital to the deck success.  Finally, I would like to round out the deck by
giving it 4 more creatures.  I think the creature I like most for this deck
is might weaver.  Might weaver is a decent aggressive creature, because he
is 1G for a 2/1, and since 12 of the creatures in the deck are white, he
will have no trouble giving them trample, which is a terrific way of
getting around annoying protection.
As far as the enchantments go, I would simply like to increase the power
of some of the enchantments and also increase the versatility of the deck.
I'll show my changes and then explain them.
4 Armadillo Cloak
4 Sterling Grove
4 Parallax Wave
2 Dueling Grounds
2 Seal of Cleansing
2 Saproling Burst
Armadillo Cloak and Sterling Grove are obvious choices.  The cloak is a
pure beating against everything and anything, and the grove increases the
versatility of the deck by essentially "tutoring" for a card you need while
protecting all of your enchantments in the process.  I added another
deuling grounds because with aramdillo cloak and the powerhouse creatures
in the deck, you'll often outmech other creature decks, and when their only
attacker gets blocked by charging troll every turn, things can get
frustrating.  Parallax Wave and Saproling Burst are in the deck for one
reason:  they win games.  They can remove all the blockers on an opponents
side or protect your creatures if need be, or they can just "make" a whole
bunch of attackers to wreck your opponent with(hint:  saproling burst+
dueling grounds=not a combo).  While S. Burst and Dueling Grounds mess
eachother up, there's only two of each, so it shouldn't be too much of a
problem.  Finally, the seals of cleansing.  They're there too make sure
none of those pesky enchantments(what are they called?  Circle of
protection?  teferi's moat?) shut you down, and the seals are all the
better because you can sac a sterling grove to get them, unlike disenchant. 
The land for this deck seems fine, except for this:  Brushlands-if ya got
'em, flaunt 'em.  What I mean is, brushlands will make this deck even more
consistent, and the pain you suffer tapping them is negligible.  If ya
don't got 'em, no biggie, you can use city of brass, or you can just skip
it altogetherm they're not a must, but rather a preferred card for your
deck.  Hope this helps Chad!
-Wally West