Type 1 Stampy

DocNodFah sent me this type 1 stampy(little note, this is actually stompy)
deck and asked me for my help in making it even more deadly, and tuning its
sideboard so it could beat some of the decks they expected to see.  Here is
the deck in its initial form:
>4 Rogue Elephants
>3 Winter Orb
>1 Regrowth
>4 Elvish Lyrist
>4 River Boa
>4 Lanowar Elves
>4 Rancor
>4 Land Grant
>4 Giant Growth
>2 Bounty of the Hunt
>4 Skyshroud Elite
>4 Quirion Ranger
>3 Spectral Bears
>3 Mtenda Lions
>3 Emerald Charm
>3 Sandstorm
>3 Choke
>3 Thran Foundry
>1 Null Rod
>2 Crumble
First, I see a couple of cards that lend themselves directly to type 1
stompy deck.  One card that helps speed up the deck more is elvish spirit
guide.  At 2G for a 2/2, its not really that good.  Where it shines is its
special ability.  If its in your hand, you can remove it from the game to
add G to your mana pool.  This allows you to have first turns where you lay
2 creatures that will attack the next turn for as much as 7 or even 9
damage.  I would also like to round out the number of mtenda lions(make it
4) and cut the spectral bears altogether.  While the bears' synergy is
great with quirion ranger, without the ranger, they become very subpar.  We
could replace them with the more than adequate ghazban ogre, as its a 2/2
for G, its out quick, and its drawback(changing controllers to the player
who has more life on your upkeep) is almost non-existent in a deck that's
as fast as this.  Beware the first turn lightning bolts though.  One other
thing that I've noticed about this deck is that it doesn't really need
quirion elves(I'll adress the orbs in a second, have some patience!), as
the 1/1 will not quite cut it when looking for another attacker, and you
usually won't feel that you need them to make you much faster.  So we'll
replace them with pouncing jaguar, at 2/2 echo for G, he'll be pouncing on
your opponent in no time.  Also, in type 1, winter orbs utility decreases
greatly because of the nature of type 1's speed.  The same goes for river
boa, so we can change these to 4 Elvish spirit guides and 3 wild dogs,
which are a newer ghazban ogre, they are 2/1 for G and cyle for 2.  Last
but not least of the creatures, we can cut elvish lyrist for the beast from
the east, hidden herd.  Now, this is a personal preference, but I think
hidden herd will prove itself as useful as skyshroud elite in many
situations.  Being a 3/3 for G when your opponent plays a non-basic?  Sign
me up.
Now that we're done with the creatures, we can change the giant growths to
their outright superior, briar shield.  Briar shield makes the creature do
more damage on every attack, which, after three attacks will cover the 3
damage that giant growth would have done, it also protects the creature by
making it harder to kill, and can always be sacced to do a giant growth
effect to finish off your vulnerable opponent.  Also, we can cut 2 forests
because of the addition of the elvish spirit guides, So lets see where that
leaves us:
4 Rogue Elephants
4 Wild dogs
4 Hidden Herd
4 Elvish Spirit Guide
4 Pouncing Jaguar
4 Rancor
4 Land Grant
4 Briar Shield
2 Bounty of the Hunt
4 Skyshroud Elite
4 Llanowar Elves
4 Ghazban ogre
4 Mtenda Lions
10 Forest

Now as for the sideboard, Docnodfah was worried about stasis and
mono-blue(non-stasis).  His choice for choke against regular blue decks
could be good, but I would opt for Rushwood legate, which is a 2/1 for 2G
that would become free against your blue opponents as long as you control a
forest, giving you another jumpstart.  Against stasis, quirion rangers in
the side will make all the difference.  If you get a ranger on the board,
they should concede shortly.  Good luck Doc, hope I helped!
-Wally West