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7.30.03  - White Warriors by:Craig Johnson


"this deck is type 2 i think



1militant monk              


1vile deacon                 

1 akormas devoted        

1 whipgrass entangler    

1 wall of vapor               

1 daru spiritualist                      

1 blood celebrant                      

1 daru mender              

1 edge walker               

1 wall of resistance       

1 mystic Zealot             

2 zealous inquisiter       

1 venerable monk                      



1 dimensional breach    

1 spiritualize                 

1 recuperate                 

1 reprisale                                

1 divine sacrament        

1 dark ritual                              

1 armidillo cloak            



1 obsiaus golem                       

1 soul net                                 

1 tiger eye cameo                     

2 chromatic spheres      



3 swamp

10 plains

2 terminal moraine                    

2dromar,s cavern                      

1 ancient springs                      

1elfhame palace            


this deck is only good for a quick victory but I can guaranty 90% of the time it will win in a casual game the key is to get out Akroma’s devoted and some other clerics cause if u do that u win pretty much because of Akroma’s Devoted’s power (attacking doesn't cause Clerics to tap) but if that doesn't happen you’ll probably have the wall of vapor which reduces all damage towards it to 0 that will at least buy u a couple turns even if u don't get the wall there’s always dimensional breach which destroys all creatures but sends one from each player to the top of their library


and once u get your Clerics out u should hold of your attack just until u get spiritualize or armadillo cloak which makes it whenever target creature deals or is dealt damage u gain that much health then u attack with1234567890987654321 or something and presto u and the match with infinite health and the opponent didn’t stand a chance"



Dear Craig,


Alright, first of all, it looks like you took some time to look in your commons box and built a deck from what you may have left over. There isn’t much concise thought into building this deck, and there is lots of room for improvement. Just having random tribal creatures won’t guaranty a 90% win rate. If that were true, who would win a limited tournament?


(Quick side note, have to remove ancient springs, Dromar’s Cavern, Terminal Moraine, Tiger Eye Cameo, Wall of Vapors, Wall of resistance, and Armadillo Cloak. They are no longer in Type II)


First and foremost, get MULTIPLES of these cards. You have only one of each card in your deck. I think there are only 3 or 4 duplicated cards in the entire deck, and even then its only 2.  Remember, you can have up to 4 in a deck. You’re going to need multiples to keep a deck consistent. Right now, it’s a completely random deck that, even though fun, comes up with completely different outcomes EVERY time you play it. You explained in your description that if one thing doesn’t happen, then rely on another thing… What you want to do is have BOTH options available early, and consistently. Right now, I see neither working for you.


Lets first substitute Noble Purpose for Spiritualize: Noble purpose may cost an addition 2, but It’s reoccurring and that is very helpful in a weenie deck. You’ll be losing creatures to other creatures left and right and you might as well get something for it. (its in 8th so Type II again) Now, lets look at your creatures… You have a large amount of DIFFERENT creatures, but your grand total is only 14-16.  In a tribal deck, that’s pretty inefficient. If you do the math, you’ll be drawing only one creature every 4 cards or more. We need more creatures. After removing the non type II creatures, and that ridiculous Artifact Golem, we’ve got some work to do.


Looking over your creature choices, I figure there are some that can stay and some that MUST be removed. I also bumped up the numbers according to space and efficiency.



3 Vile Deacon – Very powerful if used correctly

3 WhipGrass Entangler  - can hold off numerous weenies with decent toughness, and stop large ones with ability

3 Daru Spiritualist – beautiful ability, shuts down Shock and Firebolt.

2 Zealous inquisiter – this guy can be nasty against a goblin deck redircting damage takin in battle right back to either other goblins, or the one your blocking. Just don’t forget to leave mana open.

2 Akromas Devoted – Not my favorite, but its ability will keep your side ready for a hasted gobin attack



Confessor: Now how many times do you think the ability will activate? Sure going against Blue control it might help, but a sideboard card at best.

Daru Mender: why regenerate a 2/2 or 1/1 creature? Its one time use in this deck makes it a cool quick surprise, but not worth the effort the occasional use for a larger creature might work, but not the way the deck is currently.

Blood celebrant: Not needed now without the Blue aspect and with what we will be doing w/the land

Edge Walker: this was a tough choice, but his help in casting isnt strong enough for what I want to replace him with

Mystic Zealot: Not a Cleric… if you want a flyer…put a flyer in. but why?

Venerable Monk: one time 2 life is alright, but Renewed Faith is far superior in the sense you can replenish your hand early for the 2 life, OR a whopping 6 life in late game. But since we already have Noble…

Militant Monk: This guy is great in limited, but preventing one damage in constructed isn’t worth the weak 2/1 for 1WW.  Not tapping doesn’t matter when Akroma’s Devoted is intended to give it to all. There are just simply better cards for this mana slot.



New Creatures:

4 Daru Sanctifier: Oooh I like this morpher.  Block with a 2/2 then morph for a low 1W to get a nice sized 1/4 blocker that destroys enchantments. There should be four of these guys in your deck as practically counter-less enchantment destroyers

3 Dark supplicant: Lets have some fun with a cleric deck.  If you add this guy and 2 Scion of Darkness, there could be some late game excitement.  I say add 2 Scions because of possible repeated effects, he has cycling so early game he ISNT a dead card, and three, you never know, you might hard cast the guy!\

1 Ancestor’s Prophet: I know I mentioned consistancy, but if he gets out with the right environtment, you can have 10 extra life every round. He works great along with Akroma’s Devoted to give you life at the end of your opponents turn.

4 Cabal Archon: Oooh, gotta love this monster. If you opponent wraths away the board, make him/her pay for it. Astronomically better than Seige-gang commanders ability and for only B. Also, good in a last minute creature lock when you opponent is close to death.

2 Rotlung Reanimator: just like Cabal Archon, great mass creature destruction control


Alright, now the creatures are under control, we move to the spells… I’m going to sac ALL of the other spells in the deck except for Reprisal. Reprisal is one beautiful card to get rid of Exalted Angels or Wurms that are just way too fat to take down normally. But add 2 more for consistency.


Last but not least. I strongly believe any tribal deck should run at least 2 Patriarch’s Bidding. I can’t say enough about the power of this card late game (imagine an attacking Vile Deacon). Although, when going against a goblin deck, you might want to think twice about playing it.




3 Vile deacon                           

2 Rotlung Reanimator

3 Cabal Archon

2 Scion of Darkness

3 Dark Supplcant


1 Ancestor’s Prophet

4 Daru Sanctifier

3 Akormas devoted       

3 Whipgrass entangler    

3 Daru Spiritualist                     

2 Zealous Inquisiter       



3 Reprisal

2 Patriarch’s Bidding

2 Noble Purpose




10 swamp

14 plains


And There is the finished deck…..*whew, that was a lot of work.  Now you have to remember there is a great deal of switching around still left to do, but that would come during play-testing. If you found that a certain cleric such as the Prophet never surfaced, or if he did there was never enough clerics out, you could replace him with and additional Scion or such. Also, 24 land may not be enough Removing 2-3 more creatures to slide in some extra land such as Pain lands might be a good idea, but you’ll never know until you try.


Try it out and Good luck.


Tyler Grund