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Tyler's Type Two

Barbarian Burn by Travis  
3 Kamahl, Pit Fighter the center creature of the deck.
4 Raging Goblin: fast little creatures for blocking
3 barbarian bully

mountain x20
4 Shock fast damage
3 Lava Ax 5 damage why not?
4 lava dart fast damage with flashback
2 shower of coals kill creatures
4 carbonize kill creatures with regeneration
3 sizzle just a kill spell

Hey my deck has the ability to burn away at my opponents life but I run into the problem of fast creatures killing my faster then I can burn them. I use Kamahl pit fighter to kill things off every turn and I burn away at my opponentís life with red damage spells. The problem is; if my opponent puts out loads of creatures I canít kill them all off and they beat me down. Help me out here. I have little money so I cant do lots of buying.


A few tweaks here and there, mainly card swapping, and youíll be on your way.

Lets start with the creatures. You mention Raging Goblinís as ďFast little creatures for blockingĒ They ARE fast because of haste, but thatís not for blocking. You donít need a creature to be hasted to block, just a low casting cost. I strongly recommend Skirk Prospector. Same casting cost and */* as Raging, but the added bonus of storing mana. The reason I say storing mana is that you are running a great deal of burn, but the few creatures you do have, have higher casting costs. The Barbarian is pretty reasonable, but he is much more effective the faster he comes out and the Pit fighter is far too slow of a card at 6 mana. I wouldnít get rid of him, especially with the powerful 3 damage he swings with, but something to speed him out is needed. If you have 2 prospectors out, sac both of them and you can get the Kamahl out on 4th turn.

As I mentioned, getting out the Barbarian early is key. I really like this guy. Its kinda a surprise creature that can take down an opponent completely by surprise. In theory, with one goblin out sacked to get the barbarian out 2nd turn, you could win the game with a 4/4 attacking barbarian and 4 direct burn in less then 2-3 more turns. The fact that it wonít work if your opponent has a Bully as well is a small price to pay. The chances of going against another one of these is pretty slimÖand even if you do, youíll be preventing HIM from doing the damage as well.

On to the direct burn; There are some changes in here that are much needed. First and foremost, since you are running VERY few creatures, a healthy stock of Starstorms are needed. You need weenie control. Four Starstorms should be the minimum. The cardís casting cost is perfectly fit and itís an instant to boot. I would almost NEVER cast the card on your turn. This way, you can see if there will be any more creatures for you to take down, and your mana will be free for whatever you may want to cast on your turn. To make room, get rid of the 3 sizzles and one of the Shower of Coals. The sizzles are not as diverse and they wonít get you out of a bind if your opponent is beating you down with a creature, and the Shower is better in late game with its high casting cost and weaker than Starstorm ability early on. One of the Showers should be good enough.

Next, get rid of the Lava dartsÖ They are just too weak in constructed to make any real sense. In the perfect situation at the end when youíve got four in your grave, they can do some surprise damage, but Fireboltís are much more powerful. The flashback cost is Far greater than the Lavaís but 4 Firebolts have the capability of doing 16 point of damage to the Dartís 8.

I have to recommend you sliding in ONE more Barbarian, and getting in two Hammer of BogardensÖ.Theyíre back in 8th and theyíre just as strong as before. Combined with the Barbarianís ability, you can play the card you draw, and sack the Hammer each turn doing 4 and pumping your guy. Itís a great little run around that generates endless burn. To make room I would like to see you get rid of the Lava Ax. ď5 damage why not?Ē The reason why not is the casting cost is very high and can be dead weight in your hand early game. Itís a good finisher, but the barbarian can do that for you.

Last but not least, replace 2-4 of the mountains with Forgotten Caves. Iíve been running cycling land in my decks a lot lately. I find them to be life-savers late game. Because there are not too many in the deck, you wonít run into them all that much early on. If you do, you can simply cycle them away to find real land, or if you are not in a pinch, put them down and wait a turn. They are surprisingly diverse and can get you to a burn quicker in late game.

Hope this helps out. Burn was my favorite deck type when I started out. Itís a very powerful deck type that can make ruin of your opponent in quick style.

Thanks for reading.

Tyler Grund


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