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Tyler's Type Two

 Hi, Im Teddy and I have been reading your deck garage articles as soon as you came back to Pojo.  I was wondering if you could fix my deck on your deck garage.  My deck focuses around an old tempest card called Death Pits of Rath that they brought back in eighth.  I am trying to make this deck type 2.  If you could take a look at my deck it would be greatly appreciated. My deck consists of:

4 Bloodstained Mire          
10 Swaps                        
8 Mountins                        

2 Goblin Sharpshooters                      
3 Death Pits of Rath            
2 Grave Pact                        
3 Ravenous Rats                                 
4 Chainer's Edict                             
2 Drudge Skeletons                         
2 Diabolic tutor                                 
2 Abyssal Specters           
2 Pyroclasm                                      
1 Soul Collector                                
2 Scattershot                        
1 Sengir Vampire                                
2 Vicous Hungers
1 Two-Headed Dragon            
2  Shocks
2 Looming Shades                                       
1 Larceny                                          
2 Zombify                      

The object of this deck is to discard my opponent’s cards to stall until I get my Death Pits out.  The Death Pits can be combos with the Sharpshooters, Pyroclasm, Scattershot,etc. Once done with that to clear creatures away, I either burn or bring out big creatures (like my vampires or my Two-Headed Dragon) to kill my opponent.

                                               Thank You


Dear Teddy,

I like your deck style. This is one of those decks that would be great fun one on one, and then transfer to group seamlessly.  I think bringing a bit more focus to the deck will bring this guy right into place.

 First and foremost, your death Pits are going to be the first target of every enchantment removal card the INSTANT it hits the field. This means, you’ll want to run a full 4 in the deck for consistency and for replacement once they start getting removed.  I know its tough since the effect isn’t cumulative, but it is far worse to have two in hand than none.

 Alright, let’s look at your creature base. After looking over the deck list, I made these conclusions:


Drudge Skeletons: They can’t regenerate with the Death Pits, so they are only early game creatures that are weak on their own.

Looming Shades: don’t understand this choice… they pump, but again, with the death pits, a pumper isn’t useful… and a pumper is only good late game since they need that extra mana to work.

Abyssal Specters: I understand the choice, but ever since they came in as the “replacement” to the Hippie, they have sucked. Now w/o Dark Ritual, a 5th turn attacker to remove cards is very weak.

Sengir Vampire: Again, this guy doesn’t work with your Death pits idea. I know not every game will see the pits in action, but the Vampire is simply too old-school to be effective. I personally like the Soul Collector idea, and would replace the Vampires with more of those. They are good with or with out the pits, and can put the opponent in a tough spot.

Royal Assassin: Though powerful, he should almost never be played in serious decks for the reason that he is far too easy to take down. A 1/1 creature is taken out as easily as a lava dart, and in today’s environment, that’s not difficult to do at all. But to be honest, I had a tough time deciding on whether to keep him or sack since he could be a good early game staler against big creature attacks, but in the end, I chose not to keep him around.

 Add in:

Nekrataal: Numero Uno!  This guys back and I couldn’t be happier. He fits in almost any black deck considering you get a terror and a 2/1 first strike for 4. He is efficient and powerful.  Now you add his first strike ability (note: he is the only black first striker in type II anymore) with the pits, and you have a basilisk that doesn’t take any damage.  The way first-strike works; He does his damage first, the creature dies through the activated Pits no matter the toughness, and your Nekrataal stays. This all makes the Nek. A 3 power punch when he comes out. Now he is even a huge threat against a mono-black deck!

Rotlung Reanimator:  I can’t seem to find a deck where this guy isn’t really useful  In this deck, reanimation could be key to winning the creature battle.  Even if you remove all their creatures from the board, you’ve still got to worry about more coming out. Since you are losing creatures just as quickly, you need something to break the symmetry. Put this scenario into play: You’ve got two rotlungs out, they’ve got two 6/6 worms attacking with your pits out… It quickly will become no worms and 4 2/2 zombie tokens on their turn…. It’s a powerful run around.   Then, take your zombify, and put a Rotlung right back out there.

 On to the Spells:  I have decided to remove a good number of these for individual reasons.


Grave Pact: only really good in group games. The 3 black mana requirement is hard on a two color deck, and the special ability is too symmetrical for one on one gaming

Scattershot: very weak card considering that the storm ability will probably never come into play. I would recommend Lava dart for not only its recurring ability, but combined with Death Pits, its Uber-powerfull… sack a mountain, and you’ve got 2 creatures out of the game

Shock: The Lava dart will take this place, and with so many Silver Knights running around in the game environment, not being able to target them with ANYTHING in your arsenal will become very frustrating. I’d add in Two Dark Banishing to replace them. Once Mirrodin comes out, and the rumor is true, you’ll replace them with terrors. I’ve also removed Chainer’s edict. Though a good card, its not as reliable as Dark Banishing and when they are in charge of what to loose, they won’t get rid of the creature you need to see disappear.

 Here is the final deck Layout:


4 Bloodstained Mire          
13 Swamps                        
7 Mountins                      

3 Goblin Sharpshooters  
1 Two-Headed Dragon 
2 Pyroclasm
1 Starstorm (I added this for decks utilizing Decree of Justice, more in sideboard)
4 Lava Dart
2 Dark Banishing               
4 Nekrataal
4 Rotlung Reanimators                          
4 Death Pits of Rath            
4 Ravenous Rats                                                                       

2 Diabolic tutor                                                         
3 Soul Collector                                    
2 Zombify                     

Hope this helps out. The deck may or may not work very well. Since the deck relies pretty heavily on a 5cc enchantment, there could be many times where it will fall quickly, but with the added mana I put in, and a few of the more utility-wise creatures, you should do alright.

Another quick note, adding in a few Lavamancer Skill’s might be a fun idea to make the late game ravenous Rats worth their while… Turning a creature into a “Timmy” in this deck is like having your own personal murder squadJ

Thanks for reading,

Tyler Grund


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