Well here is my take on Aqualube


8 Island

7 plains

4 lonely sandbar

4 secluded steppe


3 exalted angel

3 quicksliver dragon

2 scrivener

4 astral slide

4 akroma's blessing

4 choking tethers

3 complicate

4 counterspell

3 mage's guile

4 renewed faith

2 stifle

2 akroma's vengeance

3 wrath of god


and now for the sideboard

2 teroh's faithful

2 circle of protection: red

2 mobilization

2 disenchant

3 envelop

2 vengeful dreams

2 deep analysis


My version of Aqualube is before 8th edition came out


This version is control till I can draw an exalted angel or a dragon and start beating them down (the cycling cards will either remove threats or blockers against my attackers and if the target is really big I stifle the return ability)


It is just a little too slow and I some times do not get what I need to ensure victory against fast decks like white weenie or goblin sligh/bidding


Is there any suggestions you can give me to combat faster decks?






First and foremost, I must remove the Counterspells in exchange with Mana leak, and replace the sidboarded Disenchant with Wipe Cleans (since they cycle). This is simply because 8th edition will be rolling out in just a few weeks now, and I don’t want this article dated too badly.


The build is relatively strong, but unlike R/W slide, you don’t have as much destruction (a.k.a. Startstorm and rift) and unlike White Control, you don’t have as many beat down creatures.  These are two inefficiencies that cause you to fall to weenie decks.


This is why you should probably run a full out 4 Vengeance and 4 Wrath of Gods. The point of control is to control. With 8 board cleaners, you can be relatively certain A: You’ll get to them, and B: you’ll get to more than one of them. The best part of slide decks is that they laugh at mass destruction. Sliding out big fatties then Wrathing is really this deck’s win condition.


One quick mention as well… There are far too many cards In your deck. I think I counted 64, and you are only running 23 land.  In my decks, I MAX out at 60 cards, and run at LEAST 24 land. I run 60 because ever since I “forced” myself into the box of 60 cards, I’ve noticed seeing important cards more often, which equated to more wins. Early in my Magic playing years, I just couldn’t get rid of cards so I was running 64-68 card decks. I now understand having restraint, and selecting cards that are important, shows me the win more often.


Since you are relying on the slide to bring your 3cc face downers for “free” the mana isn’t needed quite as much, but with counterspells (general term), hard casted Scrivener and the high costing board sweepers you’ll need the mana.


Another reason the U/W build of slide is weaker is that its cycling cards are a bit sad. Tapping a creature (or up to 4) is a small utility, and mage’s guile doesn’t do much in this deck since your dragons (at half your creature strength) have that covered for themselves. But all in all, it’s a tough call since those are the best blue cycling cards available… This is why I’m gonna go out on a limb and reduce the amount of blue in the deck.  With counterspells turning into mana leaks, it may not be so bad…. Here’s what I put together:


5 Island

12 plains

4 lonely sandbar             

4 secluded steppe           


3 Exalted angel

3 Quicksliver dragon

2 Scrivener


2 Complicate                  

4 Mana Leak

2 Stifle

4 Astral slide

2 Wipe Clean                 

2 Decree of Justice

3 Renewed faith              

4 Akroma's vengeance    

4 Wrath of god



2 Teroh's faithful

2 Wipe Clean

2 circle of protection: red

2 Decree of Justice

3 Silver Knights

2 vengeful dreams

2 deep analysis


It’s important to know what you are going against. The MB Wipes are there for mirror since you can’t be having them sliding out their creatures when you wrath along with the thought that practically every deck has some sort of enchantment. Heck, I’ve even seen MB Sulfuric Vortex in Goblin decks. The Decree’s are there to help out against hordes of weenies.  I contemplated Rain of Blades, but chose not to include it in the deck. If you playtest the deck, and find an unusual amount of 1/1’s coming your way, I would add it in. It’s good Justice insurance when there is no red to be found. But against wake, they fall short since they 1/1s are now 2/2s so make sure to wipe their wakes away. I also removed the Mobilization in the Board for more Justices since to be honest, the card isn’t all that hot. The “not tapping to attack” isn’t much of a threat since they are only 1/1s. 3 mana to make ONE at a time in a deck not designed for high mana production is far too steep. Also, its an enchantment so its not a surprise and will go away once vengeance hits the game. Justice gets the job done at instant speed, and for only 1c for each 1/1 dude…not to mention the cantripJ


But, there is a catch here. My recommendation is influenced by the metagame in my environment. I could see mobilization doing well against black decks utilizing sacrificing cards such as Braids, Cabal Minion, or my most hated card Call to the Grave….*shudders*.  A 1/1 creature every turn can really do some magic but you’ll have to feel out YOUR environment before keeping them in.


One other addition to the sideboard is to get rid of envelop.  Though good, you already have enough counters in the deck. What deck would you side them in against? If anything, I would almost go as far as to remove 2 mana leaks and throw them into MB since you are not going to ever counter creature cards…but that’s tough to say. What I do recommend, though, is Silver Knights since you mentioned you are having trouble against Goblins. Nothing puts a damper on a goblin deck quite like a few un-removable PfR first strikers. The CoP red is pretty strong, but you’ll want an aggressive alternative as well. They can also be sided in against other weenie decks for their fast appearance and first strike ability.


Hope this helps. I do feel bad though, since many of the additions to the deck are high $$, but I feel they are high priced for a reason.  If some of the cards like Decree of Justice are just too far out of reach, keep a mobilization or two, or throw in Rain of Blades to counteract theirs. It’s a push and pull with high priced cards, but with a little ingenuity, anything’s possible.


Thanks for reading


TYLer G.