This deck is weaker then my usual decks, as it's my first attempt making a deck JUST for multiplayer. It's also the first time I've splashed a 3rd color. Anyway, the objective, as you know, is to get grip of chaos out and play a gambling game of who takes damage, while using blue to control counters, and white to protect yourself from burn. Here it goes :P




        4 Book Burning

        4 Force Spike

        4 Mana Drain

        4 Counterspell

        4 Grip of Chaos

        4 Blaze

        4 Shock



        11 Island

        6 Plains

        11 Mountain



        4 True Believer




-Steve Stoker


Dear Steve,


Alright because this is a multi-player game, there will be help in this article that I would normally NEVER give. So if some of my tips sound strange…they probably are.


First and foremost, I think countering the counters is a bit silly since in a group game where all the burn is random, they probably won’t counter your burn. Secondly, Counters are not really good group game cards since they are intended to control one player. If you are playing 3-5 players, one guy with counters will be hard pressed to keep things under rap. Players playing counters in group will probably not win. They will annoy and prevent cool things happening in a game, therefore being attacked, and since they can not control everything they will usually be trampled over by someone. If your chaoses are countered, let it go, wait until they are tapped out from countering some other guys cool card, then lay down a second one. You can’t think of this as a one vs. one game. (NOTE: This doesn’t mean control decks and decks with counterspells don’t win group games, it just means they are not as likely to and are not as fun to play against).


The second issue to bring up is creatures. The Grip is great because of its random targets, but it doesn’t prevent big monsters from coming your way. Since you are the reason for the chaos, you’ll probably be the target of most if not all creature attacks. You have no way of dealing with that. The Grip doesn’t randomize player attacks too. Here are a few good and/or fun cards to throw into the mix:


Wrath of God – obvious choice for creature control. It will make white a more reasonable color in the deck

Infectious Rage – Oh how fun I this. Don’t look at it as a creature pumper, think of it as toughness lowerer. With 4 of these in the environment it would just be fun to find out who’s Rorix gets bigger or who’s birds of Paradise dies….lol! (now imagine a game full of 1/1 elves or goblins!  Its like mass-murder!)

Ensnaring Bridge – once you remove your counters, you’ll be running a great amount of cards that will fly out of your hand. This will feed an ensnaring wonderfully. This card will anger some players creating a creature lock in group, which can be devastating, so watch for the disenchants…but wait….those have random targets…oh how fun!


There are probably a few other cards to help that out, but it should be enough for now. Now that we hopefully have creatures under control, you’ll need reoccurring targeting burn spells.  There might be a chance where you are the only burn player in the game, which means, with all the creatures as viable targets as well as players, the chance of a few blazes and shocks taking out one, if any of the opponents is pretty slim.  But if you can set up a way of having some sort of burn every turn, it makes things much more interesting.


Hammer of Bogarden – the King of returnable burn. Its back in 8th and it does some serious damage.

Lighting rift – this one is a tough choice since YOU won’t be having cycling cards, but with so many people playing cycling, they are bound to play them, especially since they are curious who might get the 2 in the face.

Rod of Ruin – oh god..did I just recommend Rod of Ruin…. Yes I didJ  ONLY in this situation could this card work. It still may not. But the important thing is it is a reoccurring 1 point of damage per turn that will ping random players.   Last but not least:

Lavamancer’s Skill – Sure you could put this on your Believer, but what is the fun in that? Besides, you might find it to be randomized out of your control. If you have the believer already out, give it to one of your opponent’s creatures (preferably a wizard) Giving them a Timmy is so much fun when you are no longer a viable target, and they have no idea where its gonna go…its like giving a  big monkey a bat and letting them loose. (NOTE: I apologize for that reference, its early morning and I haven’t got much sleep or coffee)


So here’s the revised deck:




        2 Book Burning

        4 Wrath of God

        4 Ensnaring Bridge

        4 Infectious Rage

        4 Grip of Chaos

        2 Blaze

        3 Shock

        2 Hammer of Bogarden

        1 Lighting Rift

        2 Lavamancer’s Skill

        2 Rod of Ruin




        10 Plains

        16 Mountain



        4 True Believer



Let me know if you ever do use this deck in a group game. Love to hear how it goes over;) Now I know this deck is kept in type two…which is a bit ridiculous considering group games don’t really have formats, but if you want to experiment, there is a slew of cool older cards to throw in the randomness….but that’s not my departmentJ


Thanks for reading Tyler’s Type Two,

Tyler G.