Hello again to the outside world! Apocalypse seems to have everybody scrambling to create their own concoctions using the opposing colors, so I figured I'd jump on the bandwagon. I've always been a fan of Green and Blue decks. From TradeAwakening to Oath to TradeSurvival, creatures and counterspells always make a good combination - just like Mystic Snake, a 2/2 creature that can be cast as an instant that counters a spell when it comes into play. Yes, it's something we've all dreamed of, and something Morphling probably should have done anyway. (Or not, this is just artistic liberty here, folks.)


Anyway, on to the deck -



Just needed some help on a deck or two.  I've just recently started playing

Magic again, but eventually will be able to trade for any card in Type 2, so

throw the best stuff at me.  The first deck I wanted to try is something

Apocalypse has made a little more viable, U/G. Here's my idea:  (by the way,

I'm looking towards playing after the next block rotation, so please try to

stick with Invasion block and 7th edition cards:-)  )


Mystic Snake x 4

Counterspell x 4

Birds of Paradise x 4

Opposition x4

Aether Mutation x 4

Saproling Symbiosis x 4

Temporal Spring x 4

Mahamoti Djinn x 4

Restock x 4

Island x 10

Forest x 10

Yavimaya Coast x 4


I was also thinking of a variant that added white for Absorbs, Eladamri's

Call, Fleetfoot Panther, and the like.  Maybe Equilibriums too?  If you could

get this even close to a possible Tier 1 deck I would appreciate






Now, this is already shaping up to be a decent deck. It wouldn't surprise me if Burns is having early success with this build, but it needs a few things shaped. For instance, if the Fat Moti is the kill, you shouldn't need more than 3, and even then, I like the idea of adding white so having the Fleetfoot Panthers will keep thing beatdown going.

I'm removing the Saproling/Opposition/Restock line to help make room for the other stuff, and the Opposition deck is a completely different matter I should explore in another article.


Anyway, Panther + Equilibrium = Capsize with Buyback for 4 that only targets  creatures, so don't be afraid to let a few creatures through early. In fact, with two Panthers to protect each other, not even the mighty Blastoderm will be able to damage you.  Panther was hyped before, now it may have found it's place to be abused.


Break the Snake!


4 Mystic Snake

3 Eladamari's Call

4 Fleetfoot Panther

4 Counterspell

2 Equilibruim

4 Accumulated Knowledge

3 Fact or Fiction

4 Birds of Paradise

3 Llannowar Elves

3 Dismantling Blow

2 Tsabo's Web


6 Island

6 Forest

2 Plains

2 Treva's Ruins

4 Coastal Tower

4 Yavimaya Coast


The land is pretty tight, and the deck is consistant in finding the creatures it needs. You may find that your hand fills up with creatures from the gating. If it becomes too much of a problem, take out either the Knowledges or the Fact or Fiction, but the common tech is that these two cards make up the backbone of modern control.  One substitute that may work is Jungle Barrier. Early on it protects you from blockers, late in the game it becomes Whispers of the Muse for GU3 with Equilibrium. The Tsabo's Web are very important - you will find situations where Rishadan Port is cutting off your one source of White mana, and you can't cast that critical Panther, or Dust Bowl is slowly eating away at your Blue mana while you drown in Counterspells - the Web stops that, and happens to be a cantrip.


Right now, I am putting Dismantling Blow in any Blue and White deck because it is absolutely amazing.  I doubted it before, but after playing with it for awhile, I was in amazement. For instance, I was playing against a mono-Blue deck that used Treasure Trove to draw cards (similar to using Jamymede Tome) and I took it out, and drew two cards. That's 3 for 1 card advantage against a card that would have killed me outright. Disenchant would have been good, this was much much better.


Whenever a set is released, it takes awhile for the cards to be separated into the categories "good idea, bad card" and "good idea, thank you for the card". Mystic Snake looks to be the kind of card that turns the metagame on its head by introducing a new idea that will hold it's own in the world of Magic. Hey, if nothing else, it's better than Daring Apprentice.










If you've successfully scrolled down to this part of the article looking for a short quip about Magic, good work.  I've enclosed a BONUS TRACK written by a friend of mine, Patrick Stanley.  I've helped Patrick with his decks for maybe two years or so, and now he's looking to do some writing of his own.  I sent him a decklist based around Slivers since he has been working with them lately.  Take a look.


Until Karn and the new sentient Weatherlight elope to Tolaria, Make Mine Magic.


Kevin Williams






Hey Pojo staff,

Let me just say I enjoyed your first issue of the new Magic magazine. You did a great job explaining the different sets and cards as well as the storyline. I love the new sets in the Invasion cycle, but I still enjoy using old creatures and cards. My best and favorite deck is my Sliver deck. Its nicknamed Sliver's Dinner. It wins most of the time, but still loses. I would appreciate it if you look over it and give me some pointers and changes..


Clot Sliver (2)

Hibernation Sliver

Muscle Sliver (4)

Mnemonic Sliver (2)

Sliver Queen (3)

Heart Sliver

Acidic Sliver

Victual Sliver

Horned Sliver

Talon Sliver (2)

Winged Sliver (2)

Crystalline Sliver

Quirion Elves (2)

Elvish Piper

Utopia Tree


Forest (4)

Plains (3)

Mountain (2)

Island (4)

Swamp (3)

Elfhame Palace

Gemstone Mine

City of Brass

Spells and Artifacts


Alluren (2)

Elfhame Sanctuary

Constant Mists

Coat of Arms (2)

Heartstone (2)

Lotus Petal (4)

Ashnod's Altar (3)

I have two ways of killing my opponent.

1. Have a Sliver Queen and produce infinite Slivers with infinite mana

Ashnod's Altar= sac a creature, add 2 colorless mana + Heartstone= all creatures abilities cost 1 colorless less to activate= one sliver made by Sliver Queen, than sac that to make 2, then 4, then, 8 , and so on so on

2. If the artifacts don't make it in time, I kill them with the Slivers by Coat of Arms or the Muscles.

Thank u for taking time to read this letter and helping me




This is another version of the classic Sliver deck; however, there are some things that need to be changed. In the Sliver deck, the two most important

slivers are the Queen and the Crystalline. Add two Crystalline for the  Hibernation and Horned slivers.


The Hibernation sliver eats at your life and is very limited in its usefulness. Take away the ability to be targeted by using the Crystalline, and this sliver is almost rendered useless.


The Horned sliver is also semi-useful. The object of a sliver deck is to inflict much damage spread over many creatures, not to do trampling damage with little 2/2 slivers. In order to be able to have the trampling ability be any good, you must have fat, which slivers are not. Even if you get a muscle sliver and a coat of arms, the likely hood of getting the one horned sliver is slim.


The Clot and Muscle slivers are wonderful, the ability to pump up a little and regenerate have always been coveted abilities in the world of magic. Mnemonic slivers are good when bigger creatures block them and you can sac them for more cards. Haste can turn the tides of a game, which makes the Heart sliver an asset to your sliver team; attacking one turn earlier can make a world of a difference. Take out any creatures that are not slivers; Quirion Elves, Elvish Piper, and Utopia Tree, for a Heart Sliver, a Victual Sliver, an Acidic Sliver, and a Heartstone.


Victual give you life gaining by four, and Acidic can be used to burn creatures or your opponent, which can be profitable in response, or if your sliver is going to die. Heartstone does wonders in slivers, all the abilities that were two mana are reduced to one, making regeneration, card draw, burn, life gaining, and creature making twice as easy. Take out all of your land, and spells. This leaves you with 24 empty spaces. Fill that with 4 Thran Quarry, it gives you mana of any color as long as you have creatures, and with slivers, that is no problem. Put in one of each: invasion dual, tempest corresponding dual, and lair from Planeshift. This gives you much variety of what you can tap you land for. Lastly, put in 4 Archaeological Dig and another Heartstone. The Ashnod’s Altar combo is definitely a good one. The Lotus Petals also enhance what you can do on first turn, depending on the land you play.


                                            -Patrick Stanley 



I'll give you the final decklist, and expand on a few things. This sliver deck focuses on the Sliver Queen/Heartstone/Ashnod's Altar combo that turns all the Sac a Sliver: X cards into infinite loops by sacking the sliver tokens for mana for more mana for effects and on.  This deck differs from the 1.x Countersliver that I prefer, but each to his own in the realm of deckbuilding


The new deck -



2 Clot Sliver

4 Muscle Sliver

2 Mnemonic Sliver

3 Sliver Queen

2 Heart Sliver

2 Acidic Sliver

2 Victual Sliver

2 Talon Sliver

2 Winged Sliver

3 Crystalline Sliver


1 Shivan Reef

1 Llannowar Waste

1 Battlefield Forge

1 Caves of Kolios

1 Yavamaya Coast

1 Mogg Hollows

1 Rootwater Depths

1 Vec Township

1Cinder Marsh

1Thalakos Lowlands

1 Dromar's Cavern

1 Rith's Grove

1 Darigaaz's Caldera

1 Crosis's Catacombs

1 Treva's Ruin

4 Archeological Dig

4 Thran Quarry


4 Heartstone

4 Lotus Petal

4 Ashnod's Altar


….which is all well and good, but if I didn't give my two cents, what kind of mechanic would I be?


4 Muscle Sliver

3 Mnemonic Sliver

4 Sliver Queen

4 Acidic Sliver

2 Victual Sliver

1 Winged Sliver

4 Crystalline Sliver


4 Savannah

4 Tropical Island

3 Bayou

4 Archeological Dig

4 Thran Quarry


3 Heartstone

4 Land Grant

3 Ashnod's Altar

4 Eladamari's Call

4 Enlightend Tutor


This just makes things more consistent. Later!