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Kavu 4 U

Let's admit one thing - control decks that focus on spells tend to tear apart creature decks. Let's admit one other thing - creature decks tend to be more fun. This time, it seems Kavus are on everbody's mind. Well, not everybody, but enough that I can post a few decklists sent to me.

started collecting magic cards just a month ago, and i have about 7 decks,
but my fovorite one is my Kavu deck. the problem with it is that it doesn't
get mana out fast enough. well anyway, here's the deck and try to fix with
cards that are easy to get :-)

5 swamp
6 mountain
5 plains
9 forest

2 flametongue kavu
1 serpentine kavu
2 sparkaster
2 thunderscape familiar
2 kavu recluse
1 fire screamer
1 patagia golem
1 stone kavu
2 kavu scout
1 noble panther
1 amphibeous kavu
2 alpha kavu
1 caldera kavu
2 horned kavu

2 exotic disease
2 exotic curse
2 lightning blast
1 vigorous charge
3 tribal flames
1 strength of unity
1 stream of life
1 wandering stream

again, try to modify it the best u can while using cards from invasion,
planeshift, and 7th edition, since packs are easy to find. thanx!!


Hi, my name is Sean and I just started out in Magic. I molded a preconstructed deck and wanted an expert to "perk it up". Well here it is it's called "The Life of a Kavu".
2x Thicket Elemental
1x Rhox
1x Utopia Tree
1x Noble Panther
1x Wall of Swords
1x Charging Troll
1x Obsianus Golem
2x Kavu Chameleon
1x Rooting Kavu
2x Angel of Mercy
1x Longbow Archer
1x Darba
1x Reveille Squad
1x Silt Crawler
1x Thresher Beast
1x Soul Charmer
1x Kavu Climber
1x Serpentine Kavu
1x Saproling Symbiosis
1x Aura Mutation
1x Scouting Trek
1x Heroes Reunion
2x Wax/Wane (split)
1x Monstrous Growth
1x Breath of Life
4x Armadillo Cloak
1x Rhystic Circle
1x Pacifism
1x Circle of Protection: Blue
2x Reviving Dose
1x Giant Growth
1x Wild Might
2x Explosive Growth
3x Elfhame Palace
2x Rhystic Cave
1x Irrigation Ditch
9x Forest
9x Plains

I've got my own ideas for a Kavu deck, but I thought I'd start by tuning each of these individually. First, the R/B/G one…

2 swamp
5 mountain
3 forest
2 Uborg Volcano
3 Shivan Oasis
2 Llannowar Wastes
3 Sulfurous Springs
4 Karplusian Forest

4 Flametongue Kavu
4 Sparkaster
4 Mire Kavu
4 Horned Kavu
4 Kavu Titan
3 Kavu Monarch
3 Haunted Crossroads
3 Terminate
3 Urza's Rage
3 Ghitu Fire (or Blaze)

You'll probably want Teferi's Web in there for the Ghitu Fires, because of the large amounts of non basics. Look at the fun trick of Sparkscaster/Flametongue plus Haunted Crossroads! There really isn't much to this deck…it could be a lot better, but I think the theme is important here.

The other deck will have a R/G/W slant to it.

4x Kavu Titan
4x Radiant Kavu
4x Kavu Chameleon
4x Horned Kavu
4x Flametongue Kavu
2x Kavu Climber

4x Saproling Burst
3x Eladamari's Call
2x Heroes Reunion
3x Wax/Wane (split)
3x Armadillo Cloak
4x Seal of Fire

3x Brushland
3x Karplusian Forest
2x Rith's Grove
3x Battlefield Forge
2x Mountain
6x Forest
6x Plains

I know that land is gonna have to be fixed, but those are my suggestions. I couldn't find a way to keep it G/W without leaving much of the Kavu theme behind. The Call is good, go get a Chameleon or a Flametongue when you need it. That's pretty basic. The Radiant is there for theme reasons, but a 3/3 for 3 with a sometimes useful ability is alright.

Now these decks are all find and dandy, but the most consistent and aggressive build is simply…<sigh> Red/Green beats.

Kavu For You

4 x Horned Kavu
4 x Kavu Titan
4 x Flametongue Kavu
2 x Kavu Chameleon
4 x Raging Kavu
3 x Sparkcaster

4 x Fires of Yavimaya
3 x Urza's Rage
2 x Scorching Lava
3 x Hull Breach
4 x Saproling Burst
3 x Chimeric Idol

4 x Karplusian Forest
4 x Shivan Oasis
8 x Forest
8 x Mountain

The Lavas are there for Nether Spirits, but they can put a hurting on regenerators or weenies too. Rage is there for Lin Sivvi and any opponent with Islands. It's an old trick, but putting the gaters together with Flametongue/unkicked Titans is just fine and dandy.

I cheated a little bit, but TECHNICALLY Chimeric Idol and Saproling Burst aren't creatures. And they are just too good to pass up! If you're playing an aggressive deck that has Green in it, you need to be playing these puppies, or swap the Idols for Rishadan Ports. If you want to cheat more, try something like….

4 x Llannowar Elves
4 x Kavu Titan
4 x Flametongue Kavu
4 x Birds of Paradise
4 x Blastoderm
2 x Shivan Worm

4 x Fires of Yavimaya
2 x Urza's Rage
1 x Scorching Lava
3 x Hull Breach
4 x Saproling Burst
4 x Chimeric Idol

4 x Karplusian Forest
4 x Shivan Oasis
8 x Forest
8 x Mountain

…which only sports 8 Kavu, but will probably win more games. Such is life in Magic.

Until it is discovered that "Kavu" means "One who possesses three nostrils" in an ancient language, Make Mine Magic.

Kevin Williams