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Guess what time it is? That's right, everybody, it's Regionals time! That means that every ounce of tech and countertech is being sloshed around the net like…well, I'm not sure what it's like, but it's high level, stressful, and tons of fun! Here's a proven deck.


This deck is not horrible but I would like to know if there are things I could do to make it better, and what there is think of it.
I have one a jss with this deck 4-0-2 in swiss 3-0 in top 8

Type 2

4 Counterspell
4 undermine
4 submerge MVP!!
4 probe
4 accumulated knowledge
3 recoil
3 nether
3 fact or fiction
3 tsabo's web
3 tsabo's decree
2 recall - I almost always sided one out, keep 2 in for rebel, 1 for fires

12 island
4 salt marsh
5 swamp
2 underground river

4 wall of air (skies sucks, but it smashes me so I need them)
4 dread of night
2 meekstone (2 for skies 1 for fires, smashing fires is fun)
3 millstone (2 in for counter rebel, black control. 3 for U/W control, or B/U)
2 vendetta (skies and meddeling mage)

I am thinking of putting gainsay in the SB for skies and for U/X control takeing out the vendettas. Dread of night is Nuts most of the time couterreble sides out disenchant U/W always does, and you need it for the mettaling mages they bring in.

I am thinking of cutting a recall for a Diminishing Returns 2UU each player suffles hand and graveyard together then draws up to 7 cards you have to put the top 10 of your library out of the game. (Close to that) I come close to decking my self after I get control agent U/W control and fires (it cost me a game in the jss, it was the only game I lost).


I like the deck already. Having Submerge in there main deck says there's a lot of green in your metagame, but I'd still like to move those to the side just to be safe. If you decide to keep them main deck, just remember they make great Foil fodder when you don't have a spirit.

4 Counterspell
4 Undermine
3 Spite/Malice
1 Ascendant Evincar
4 Probe
2 Dominate
2 Lobotomy
4 Recoil
3 Nether Spirit
3 Fact or fiction
2 Tsabo's web
2 Tsabo's decree
4 Opt

4 Salt Marsh
4 Swamp
4 Underground River

I'll leave the sideboard up to you. As one player put it, "Nether Spirit blocks just about everything in the environment, and what tramples, Malice kills. Except for Devouring Stroussus, but who plays that?" Not sure what to do about the skies problem, except Meekstone should help some. Don't be afraid to switch Dominate for Bribery in order to steal their Troublesome Spirits. Three Thrashing Wumpus in the SB would be nice to take out Airships, Hatchlings, and if they run Cloud Sprite, it kills them too. Skies is a tough match up, I know because I've been playing skies for awhile. Recoil is pure gold in the match up; it kills the tempo outright.

I dropped the number of Webs and Decrees, bring it back up if you fear Ports and Bowls that much, other wise, don't worry about it. I dropped one Decree because of their casting cost (Whoops, I mean "converted mana cost") but they are amazing against Rebels/Counter Rebels, just not so hot against the rest of the field.

As for your sideboard, you probably want at least two Cremate, since NetherHaups is gaining popularity. Submerge is a staple, as well as Dread of Night. I like your idea for Gainsay vs. Blue decks, you might want Disrupt too if you fear control more than skies. Like I said before, Wumpus is wonderful against skies, and if King Red is part of your metagame, it's even more effective.

I almost forgot - the Evincar. I haven't read much defending the Evincar, so let me say that it's better than Air Elemental. It may seem crazy, but the Evincar is better than Air Elemental in this deck. Does Elemental give you 3/3 Spirits? No. Does Elemental kill Birds and Elves for free? No. And while Evincar doesn't swing for four, with the Spirits and Undermines it shouldn't matter. The only time you might find yourself in a sticky spot is against another deck running Evincars, but that's what Recoil is for, eh?

Until Nether Spirit gets a corporate sponsorship from Timex (Takes a licking and keeps on ticking.) Make Mine Magic.

Kevin Williams