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Angel Deck



Ever had one of those weeks where you've put a whole lot of time and energy into something and someone who you've never met before accidentally messes it all up? Well, I have. That's when I want to pull out a burn deck or a discard deck and just rip my opponent apart.

That's where today's deck - Anger Management - comes into play. This is a Type 2 Deck build around Angels. See, Angels (in Magic and most Fantasy anyway) are these lovely ladies who lounge around in revealing armor and fight the occasional villian. An easy, peaceful, Jane Austin life. Which sounds good right about now. Here's the inspiration…


Hi! My name is Stephen. I've been playing magic for a couple of years and I've come up with this deck.

Angel Deck

Creatures (12)

3 Voice of All
2 Blinding Angel
2 Heavy Ballista
1 Serra Angel
1 Wall of Swords
1 Razorfoot Griffin
2 Aurora Griffin

Spells (5)

1 Blessed Wind
1 Enlightened Tutor
3 Aura Blast

Enchantments (12)

3 Hobble
2 Cho-Manno's Blessing
2 Noble Stand
1 Knighthood
1 Brilliant Halo
1 Holy Strength
1 Hero's Resolve

Artifacts (4)

1 Skyship Weatherlight
2 Patagia Golem
1 Soul Net 


13 Plains

this deck was made only with the cards that i have that weren't in my other decks.



First, the Griffins have to go, because they aren't angels. Then, since the Tutors a leaving, the Enlightened Tutor goes. Winds are decent in multiplayer (Plague being amazing) but not so hot in this deck. Hmmm…not many angels in the new Type Two, huh? Well, I'll use the "power" ones. If you don't care about block, use some Avenging Angels, Radiant, and that one from Stronghold that's Spirit Linked natuarlly…Warrior Angel. Urza's Incubator is nice mana acceleration, especially with all your five cc angels. But this is what a Type 2 Angel deck would look like, unless you're go U/B/R Crypt Angel, but that's another article.

4 Voice of All
4 Blinding Angel
4 Serra Angel

3 Marble Diamond
4 Last Breath
3 Seal of Cleansing

4 Chimeric Idol
2 Pariah
4 Glorious Anthem

2 Wrath of God
2 Jaymamede Tome

24 Plains

I admit that the Idol isn't a Angel, but it's not technically a creature, and a lot of angels are hard to cast. That's my excuse, and I'm sticking to it. Pariah is a lot of fun with Voice of All, even though it's not extremely effective - Skies can bounce it, Rebels can Disenchant it, etc, but it's still fairly effective, and says "Find an answer, or die." Should beat up on Nether Go and Fires fairly well, that's to the fliers/Blinding Angel bit. Last Breath is golden against the whole Nether Spirit/Pyre Zombie class of creatures, and Wrath is just a general reset button. Here's a fun bit, you don't have enough creatures to make a Wrath devastating, as long as you're holding back.

That's my take on it, now it's your turn. I want someone to improve on this deck, since I don't think it's good enough. Here are the requirements:

1 It has to be completely Post 7th Type Two - no exceptions, no rumor cards.
2 Every creature has to be an Angel. Artifacts that become (Chimeric Idol) or make (Hornet Cannon) creatures are fine
3 Casual cards are fine, I don't expect this deck to break open the metagame, but the more competitive the deck is, the better I'll rank it.

I'll post the winning entry, and any entries that strike me as cool, funny, or unique. It's ANGEL-RAMA 2001, BABY!

Until being beaten down by this deck is referred to as being "Touched By An Angel", Make Mine Magic

Kevin Williams