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Counter Rebel

Has there ever been a more powerful creature type then Rebel? I'll leave that question up for debate, but Counter Rebel is being touted as the best deck in Type Two. That alone means it is worthy of attention. The fact that they are easily tweaked to fit any metagame and have a built in Tutor ability is, as we say in the biz, "some good".

Counter Rebels: 
Creatures: 27 
4 Ramoisian Sergeant 
3 Ramoisian Luitennit 
3 Ramosian Captain 
3 Ramosian Commander 
1 Ramoisian Sky Marshal 
1 Cho Manno, Revolutionary 
2 Steadfast Guard 
2 Pious Warrior 
2 Lightbringer 
2 Lawbringer 
2 Nightwind Glider 
2 Thermal Glider 
2 Jhovall Rider 
Spells: 13 
4 Counterspell 
1 Prohibit 
2 Daze 
2 Armageddon 
1 Wrath of God 
2 Ramoisian Rally 
1 Stand/Deliver 
Land: 20 

1 Fountain of Cho (all I have) 
1 Coastal Tower (all I have) 
5 Islands 
13 Plains 

This deck needs a bit of work so do your best. 

It's definitely got a good base, but there are some sub optimal Rebels. I won't rehash what plenty of good writers have already said but I will make the appropriate changes.

I'm going to highlight some card choices just to help you see how the synergy is hurt so that it doesn't sound like I'm just mixing around the cards in your deck.

Armageddon is better in straight Rebels, but the point of Counter Rebels is to counter any resistance your opponent throws at you, so I'll drop those. Wrath of God is actually more productive since it helps you against most decks in the environment, but Parallax Wave hurts them without hurting you. Prohibit is strictly sub par compared to Absorb or Power Sink. If you have/can get the Absorb, run them. If not, Power Sink is easily splashed. I'll put Power Sink in, but only if you use the Urza's Saga art. There isn't a difference; I'm just partial to the art. If you like Mirage better, go for it. Sorry to digress there. Brainstorm is amazing with this deck. The well know trick is to put two Rebels back on top of your deck and search one out, giving you three non-rebel cards for one mana. Its like Ancestral Recall, only worse.

Cho Manno is wonderful against all those non-trample big guys out there. But, he dies to Black removal and bounce. He might fit the sideboard against Fires.

Last, time to tune up the land. Fountain of Cho has got to go storage lands are horrible for tempo. Adarkar Waste and Coastal Tower make your mana smooth as silk.

4 Ramoisian Sergeant 
3 Defiant Falcon
1 Ramoisian Sky Marshal 
3 Steadfast Guard 
3 Lin Sivvi, Defiant Hero 
2 Defiant Vanguard 
1 Jhovall Queen
1 Nightwind Glider 
1 Thermal Glider 

4 Brainstorm
4 Counterspell 
4 Power Sink
3 Parallax Wave
3 Seal of Cleansing

4 Adarkar Waste
4 Coastal Tower
4 Islands 
11 Plains

Until I open James Dean, Defiant Rebel Without a Cause in a Nemesis pack, Make Mine Magic.

Kevin Williams