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How Big?

I'm gonna start with some Magic theory today. This column is based around the theory that if I teach someone how to build a better deck, they can continue to build good decks. Deck building is a skill, because once you have learned the basics you should be able to build any deck.

Let's put an example right here. TurboChant. (By the way, this article is not about TurboChant, so keep reading) For those of you who haven't been keeping up with the nets, this deck is getting a lot of bad press by all the Featured Writers. But, on all the mills a lot of players actually building and testing the deck are saying it wins. With this example the question is whether or not a TurboChant deck can be built. All of the cards necessary are in the environment, and with the variety of builds, like ones running Nether Spirit, it is possible that the deck has a winning build. What would this build need? I'm glad you asked. It would need to be slightly metagamed, a good sideboard, and a player experienced with the deck. 

"Well, duh, Kevin, I could have told you that."

Fine, but what if we take that theory and actually use it for a different deck. Area sent me a Mono Green enchantress deck. Because of Skyshourd Elves and Rancor it looks like it's an Extended deck, so I'll build one of those. I don't think a Type Two build is possible, but follow those three guidelines and anything is possible.


I would really appreciate it if you could help me with my deck. I have been playing for about a year. I mostly play casual, but I would like to take this deck to a T2 tournament at some point, meaning that I need a sideboard. All previous attempts at 'boarding have failed for me. Most other people in my area play casually, but there are some mean decks about like Counter Sliver, Sneaks and B/R Destruction. 
Hope it's not too much to ask! Here's the deck:

How Big?


3 x Yavimaya Enchantress
4 x Verduran Enchantress
4 x Vine Trellis
2 x Quirion Elves
2 x Skyshroud Elves


3 x Dueling Grounds
2 x Rancor
2x Whip Silk
2 x Overgrowth
4 x Ancestral Mask
4 x Armadillo Cloak
4 x Sterling Grove
2 x Broken Fall
2 x Fertile Ground
2 x Jolrael's Favor


20 x Forest

Thanks in advance!


In what I've seen, Enchantress decks tend to be combo oriented, but those can be difficult to play and do not guarantee big creatures. I'm guessing you want big creatures from the name of your deck. If you are afraid of Perish and other Green hosers, use Auratog instead of Yavimaya Enchantress.

Next, I want to tool with the mana base. If we are going to add a color or two, the Fertile Ground count is gonna go up. I'm also going to add Wild Growth and Serra Sanctum to speed you up.

To increase your card drawing capabilities, Attunment allows you to sift through your deck with ease and gets better and better as you play more Enchatresses. Speaking of which, let's add the superior Argothian Enchantress for her untargetablility. This combos quite nicely with Worship keeping you alive until they get rid of all your creatures. Hidden Gibbons is a bit of a tech card. Against most control and Red decks, he is a beating, and all for only one mana. Be ready to side him out against decks without many instants, but he can always be discarded to Attunement or played with an Enchantress in play to cycle through the deck.

4 Verduran Enchantress
4 Argothian Enchantress
3 Yavimaya Enchantress

4 Sterling Grove
3 Attunement
1 Dueling Grounds
4 Rancor
1 Worship
1 City of Solitude
1 Sacred Ground
1 Ivory Mask
3 Hidden Gibbons
4 Fertile Ground
4 Wild Growth

8 Forest
4 Grassland
3 Tropical Island
3 Savannah
2 Tundra
2 Serra Sanctum

Your sideboard could have Circle of Protection: Red and possibly Green, Light of Day, and maybe Choke. You could also put 4 Palinchron, 4 Frantic Search, and 2 Kaervek's Torch into the board and swap out the Rancors, Cloaks, 'togs, and a Gibbons to change to a combo deck on a whim. 

Be careful about where you put your Fertile Grounds and Wild Growths, many decks run Wasteland, Dustbowl, and/or Rishadan Port. To minimize the damage, put them on a basic Forest. You may even want to use Grassland to search one out since once you have a Fertile Ground out you have access to all your colors. Sacred Ground should help out a lot against that. The last thing you want to try is Gaea's Blessing so that you don't accidentally deck yourself, but you should win before that becomes a problem.

This is a fun deck to play, and with lots of variations possible with all the Enchantments, you shouldn't be getting bored of it anytime soon.

One last thing, I'm joining the ranks of trendy Magic writers abroad by starting my own contest. But, to set myself apart, there will be TWO contests. One for the best deck of the week, and one for the best "Make Mine Magic" slogan. The winners of each will see their entry in the column, and will receive a patent-pending Mana Man awards designed by Scrivener Productions. E-mail all entries to me.

Until the artifact Mirri's Scratching Post sees constructed play, Make Mine Magic.

Kevin Williams