W/G Beats

This time it's double trouble folks.  I've got two hot White Green beats decks just dying for a shot at constructed play. No dilly-dally from us hardworking folks at www.Pojo.com so let's dive right in.

Hey Kevin, my deck needs a lot of help!  It is a mono green deck with some white in it. (Type 1)  I am a new player so I don't have that many cards, and one of the main reasons I am sending it to you is because in your previous decks I noticed you made a list of easy cards to get and a list of maybe some pretty hard cards to find.  That's what I am hoping you could do with this deck, but I write to much so here is my deck

Land 21
3 Plains
18 Forest

Creatures 21
1 Stampede Driver
1 Heartwood Dryad
1 Rootwalla
1 Sulam Djinn
2 Spore Frog
2 Rib Cage Spider
2 Marsh Boa
1 Grizzly Bears
1 Spike Soldier
1 Spike Worker
4 Spike Drone
3 Silt Crawler
1 Skyshroud Ranger

Spells 18
2 Armadillo Cloak
4 Seal of Strength
4 Thrive
4 Wild Might
1 Wax/Wane
1 Explosive Growth
1 Fertile Ground
1 Overgrowth

I know I have a lot of 1's but most of them are there because I want to add more The ones I want to add more of are Wax/Wane, Fertile Ground, Overgrowth, Skyshroud Ranger, Spike Soldier, and Sulam Djinn.  It's ok to keep it as type 1 I want it that way. For this deck it's low cost cards and cards like Wild Might, and Steal of Strength.  Silt Crawler is my main attacker and Sulam Djinn is a finish off.  The main decks I am after is a shadow deck, and a pummel deck, both of those decks I am so close to beating them but they always win.  If you need my E-mail address it's (like I should be giving out emails  Kevin) but if you don't need please don't post it. Oh if you need to call me anything it can be Donkey Kong. (My initials are DK.)
 Bye please post this deck.
Hmmm. I just made a tactical error. See, this deck would gain a lot from going Mono-Green. First thing we have to do is pull all of that white stuff. Good cards, but you're sacrificing SPEED here; DK. Green weenie is all about the speed. Fortunately for you, a lot of Green's best weenies are commons.
Speaking of commons, Rancor is the best creature pumper ever.  I'll keep some of your mid range creatures, but in a Mono Green deck, Sulam Djinn is a bad idea. His 2/-2 will trigger way too much. Since Blastoderm fills that slot nicely, I'll add four.

4 Wild Dogs
4 Pouncing Jaguar
4 River Boa
4 Blastoderm
4 Llanowar Elves
4 Rogue Elephant
4 Silt Crawler

4 Seal of Strength
4 Wild Might
4 Rancor
4 Land Grant

3 Treetop Village
13 Forest

Uh oh. It appears that I didn't make the deck you wanted. This does not bode well for my performance review. I'll build that other deck real quickly, and maybe no one will notice.  With the Fertile Grounds, he shouldn't need Overgrowth, and a Ranham Djinn would work much better in this deck.

Land 21
5 Plains
12 Forest
4 Elfhame Palace

3 Ranham Djinn
4 Spike Soldier
4 Spike Feeder
4 Silt Crawler
4 Skyshroud Ranger

4 Armadillo Cloak
2 Seal of Strength
2 Seal of Cleansing
4 Rancor
4 Wax/Wane
4 Fertile Ground

Ahh, much better. I played a deck similar to this a while back; it was a ton of fun to play.  Unfortunately, I didn't get to use cards like Wax/Wane and Armadillo Cloak. Remember, if a Spike is Cloaked, you can still keep him after removing the counters.

Next, a TRUE White Green deck. No kidding.
Vin here! This is for a local tournament that allows anything from Alpha to Planeshift.  Thanks for helping me out!

Land 22
1 Savannah (all I have)
1 Rishadan port (all I have)
2 Elfhame Palace
9 Forest
9 Plains

Creatures 26
1 Archangel
1 Master Healer
1 Blinding Angel
1 Paladin en-Vec
4 Sanctum Custodian
3 Trap Runner
4 Charging paladin
4 tundra wolves
3 River boa
4 Spike Weaver
1 Spike Hatcher (all I have)

Spells 11
3 Invigorate
4 Jolreal's favor
4 Symbiosis

This is a much different deck. Instead of trying to smash the opponent in the early game, it's a much more midrange control variant.

I want to tune the deck to deal with your opponent's attackers. Remember, if they can't attack you, deck you, or burn you they can't win.
4 Savannah
4 Elfhame Palace
5 Forest
9 Plains

4 Blinding Angel
4 Paladin en-Vec
4 Spike Feeder
4 River boa
4 Spike Weaver

Spells 11
4 Swords to Plowshares
4 Enlightened Tutor
4 Congregate
1 Ivory Mask
1 Story Circle
1 Millstone
3 Seal of Cleansing

This deck has some real potential. Regeneration, Fog, Pro Color, Circlesthe list goes on. This deck should be able to handle everything and anything. It could use a touch of recursion to go with those lovely Spikes. I would suggest splashing Black for Volrath's Stronghold.  Well, that word count is getting near 900, so you know what that means.

Until the Vec give up their peaceful ways for 9 MM. and BMWs, Make Mine Magic.

Kevin Williams

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