All right folks, this is the first installment of Better Tomes and Goblins, now with a minty fresh flavor.  Actually, this is the first time it has been on the illustrious But enough chitchat, let's get down and dirty:
Help me with my deck, it's a sligh. The cheaper the adjustments are the better.

4 Shock
2 Assault/Battery
4 Flailing Soldier
4 Kris Mage
2 Raging Goblin

4 Scorching Lava
2 Rage Weaver
2 Veteran Brawlers

4 Chimeric Idol
2 Citadel of Pain
3 Rhistic Lightning

2 Ancient Hydra
2 Blaze
22 Mountains
This deck is just screaming "Tune Me! 1!
So help me!
Dangerous Dan, lock and load.

You've definitely got the right idea as far as mana curve goes plenty of solid one and two drops.  I'm not sure why Assault/Battery is in the desk since there is no green mana in the deck. I would suggest replacing them with Seal of Fire (C-NM) or more Raging Goblins. I like the Wall of Brawl.  In a day where decks like to tap out to Wrath or cast big things, he's not bad.

Now for some constructive criticism. In your three drops, Citadel of Pain isn't the best choice for bringing the pain. I feel the same way about Scorching Lava, since the only real regenerator in the environment is River Boa. Id also pull the Ancient Hydra since his ability isn't so hot when he has summoning sickness. Fires can afford to run Fading creatures since it can squeeze an extra attack phase out of them. Since this deck lacks Fires, we'll want our creatures to stick around.

Magma Burst (C-PS) is a solid way to do six damage. In place of Ancient Hydra try the new, no Fading Flametongue Kavu (C-PS). Flametongue can take out Blinding Angels and Air Elemental, along with most other flying fatties.

Heres the price friendly deck.
4 Seal of Fire
4 Flailing Soldier
4 Kris Mage
4 Raging Goblin

4 Veteran Brawlers

4 Chimeric Idol
4 Rhistic Lightning

4 Magma Burst
4 Flametongue Kavu

23 Mountains

The deck is much more consistent with high numbers of three and four copies of the cards. This is important for decks without draw manipulation like Enlightened Tutor or Brainstorm.

I'll tell you the truth the deck could use some top-dollar rares.  Tangle Wire, Urza's Rage, Rishdan Port, and Two Headed Dragon would all help out the deck.  Flailing Soldier is weak, and so is the Red tap-out strategy.  Heck, even Mage's Contest is better at disrupting your opponent. What I've tried to do with this deck is put together cards that do four or more damage, even if they have a high casting cost.  Red weenies are in short supply, and even bad decks take them out easily.  U/W control has at least four Wraths, plus Blinding Angel and Absorb. Fires has huge creatures that eat Goblins for breakfast. Even Rebels can just bust out with a ton of searchers and overwhelm you with sheer card advantage.

If I could suggest a better deck:

4 Seal of Fire
4 Shock

3 Fire Diamond

4 Urza's Rage
4 Chimeric Idol
4 Rhistic Lightning

4 Magma Burst
4 Blood Oath

3 Two Headed Dragon

19 Mountains
4 Rishdan Port

I like this a little better.  Since most decks rely heavily on one spell type, Blood Oath can hit hard.  The Shock/Seal of Fire are there to pick off Birds, Elves, and Sergeants, and should most likely be swapped out for sideboard cards against heavy control decks.  Finally, the Dragons are your big finisher and are hard to block.

The deck is weak against anything with Story Circle, and there really isn't an answer except splash Green for Hull Breach, Tranquility, or something like that. I hate that option. I want my burn.

Just remember Shock, Rage, Lightning, Burst and your opponent is dead as a doorknob. At the same time, remember that there is no Cursed Scroll or Fireblast in the environment, and the deck will have problems.

Until Lord of the Undead refers to himself as a Homeostatic Challenged Organic Being and Dictator of Other Such Beings, make mine Magic.

Kevin Williams

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