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Obliterate This

Well, howdy again... Last night I was up late trying to catch up with the times and "updating" to Windows 98.. At least my CD Rewrite drive works now :). I am in such a good mood that I feel like reviewing another deck that would go all the way... lets see what we have here.

> Hey I need you help on this deck. It plays pretty well but its too slow. It
>becomes a problem when you're playing against a friend who has a couple of
>obliterates in his deck. If you will at all I would be happy if you could
>give me tips on how to change the deck, and how to play it. It's a
>green/whitedeck. It's my first deck I've made so don't laugh. Here we go
>* Creatures  21 *
>  2. Llanowar Elves
>  2. Charging Troll
>  2. Fleetfoot Panther
>  2. Kavu Chameleon
>  2. Molimo, Maro-Sorcerer
>  3. Noble Panther
>  4. Angel of Mercy
>  4. Sabertooth Nishoba
>* Land  24 *
>  3. Elfhame Palace
>  9. Plains
>  12. Forest
>*Spells/Instants/Enchantments and other stuff *
>  1. Belbe's Portal
>  2. Aura Shards
>  4. Wax/Wane
>  4. Fertile Ground
>  4. Armadillo Cloak
>  Tell me what ya think. Bye. Oh I almost forgot, Peace out, and H.B.

It seems you want the deck faster... easily done, we will just curve the cast cost of your deck down a bit and add more of that famous green speed. Your creature base needs to be adjusted if you are trying to survive after a spell like obliterate. Otherwise, everything looks good here. Lets start with creatures..

The deck is fixed with lots of creatures that could be used late game, but not enough early game pressure is there. There are lots of changes you can make to improve this. For example, I would add 2 more Llanowar elves to help speed up the deck. This would both help early game or after an obliterate. Recovering would become much easier. The 2 Charging Trolls are good, go ahead and keep those. Fleetfoot Panther is great! If you could sneak in one more copy, go ahead. Read all the articles on this card if you havent already. You can save a valueable creature by casting this in response to something. Anyway, Kavu Chameleon is good for now. It is expensive, but it will help you against other deck types you might need to worry about. Now to Molimo.... that card is not for you right now. It is an excellent kill card, but I would rather focus on pressure early game. For the sake of its large cast cost, drop it. Meanwhile, Noble Panther is good. You know he is fat when he has Armadillo Cloak on it. Could even kill a Blastoderm then. It is against my better judgement that I tell you to keep the Angel of Mercy in the deck, but personally I would lower it to 2 copies. Same with Sabertooth Nishoba... I dont forsee you needing 4 of them, go to 2. This is where I recommend putting in either Blastoderms or River Boa. River Boa will be out of the Type 2 soon. Even though I would rather put them in here, they will be gone and you might as well put in 3 Blastoderms. Well, lets see what is going on to the other spells.

I agree with the majority of the spells. Personally though, I would take out Fertile Ground and add the spell that would most help before a Obliterate... Saproling Burst! Of course, enchantments stay alive whenever Obliterate goes off! Put in 4 of these if you can. If you dont have 4, put all you have in and put in Harrows. These are better then Fertile Ground because it thins your deck of land and you can draw more useful cards like spells and creatures instead of land. Speaking of, on to land.

The land looks really good, it may need some adjustments later. The only change I would make is to take out a Elfhame Palace and a Plains and put in 2 Kor Havens. It is a good land that prevents some combat damage from an attacking creature. It is vital sometimes. So, here is what the deck looks like now..

Obliterate This!

 Creatures  21
4. Llanowar Elves
2. Charging Troll
3. Fleetfoot Panther
2. Kavu Chameleon
3. Noble Panther
2. Angel of Mercy
2. Sabertooth Nishoba
3. Blastoderm or River Boa

 Other Spells 15
1. Belbe's Portal
2. Aura Shards
4. Wax/Wane
4. Saproling Burst or Harrow
4. Armadillo Cloak

 Land  24
2. Kor Haven
2. Elfhame Palace
8. Plains
12. Forest

Try this adjusted version and you should do just fine...
Samuel "RogueRift" Leavitt