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Howdy again, I promised I would review at least a deck a week. I would have
written more, but trying to install my external CD-Rewrite drive into my Windows 95
reject computer has been taunting me. So, I better take a time out to deliver my promise.
Here is a red/green/white deck that seems to be doing well locally. Let's see he has to say.

> This is my type 2 deck I have been playing about 50% of the
> time since states.(The other 50% is my ponza deck.) It has won 3
> Friday night magic tournaments and has almost always done well in 
>testing versus most tier 1-2 decks. It was designed to be the metagame 
>deck against neither-go, who knew it would work well versus skies too.
>4 Wax/Wane
>4 Thornscape Apprentice
>4 Llanowar Elves
>4 Kris Mage
>4 Scorching Lava
>4 Last Breath
>4 River Boa
>2 Nomadic Elf
>4 Tangle Wire
>2 Arc Mage
>4 Armadillo Cloak
>1 Keldon Necropolis
>1 Dust Bowl
>4 Forest
>2 Mountain
>2 Shivan Oasis
>4 Karplusan Forest
>2 Plains
>2 Elfhame Palace
>4 Brushland
>Current local sideboard:
>4 Tangle
>4 Thermal Glider
>3 Simoon
>4 Seal Of Cleansing
>The main strategy of the deck is weenie rush backed up with creature 
>control in the apprentice and first strike trix, limited removal with
> kris mage, arc mage, Scorching lava, and last breath. creature pumps
> and misc are Wax/wane, Armadillo cloak, and tangle wire. Any 
>suggestions on the deck or sideboard without making it into a fires or 
>redzone deck. (as everyone around me keeps doing, yet I'm the one 
>making it to the top 4 out of 18 people every week.) Add any 
>suggestions for the sideboard on a larger tourney or a wider metagame.
>-Rex Obrut
>Ray K.

This deck looks extremely well rounded and has options against any current decks.
The deck has obviously been tested and seen lots of play. Some changes need to be made,
such as being over 60 cards (62 cards, but I want to make it an even 60),green creatures
(can someone say sideboard perish?), and weakness against blue and black. Lets break this
down a little bit. First off, lets take a good look at the creatures.

The creatures in this deck fit well together, but some changes need to be made.
Thornscape Apprentice is great for creature control. The Llanowar Elves are considered
staple cards when playing green, so keep them in the mix. If possible, substitute Birds of
Birds of Paradise in its place instead. This will help out with adding some mana problems.
Plus, a Armadillo Cloaked Birds is nothing to laugh at, I have seen games won due to
these. Kris Mage is secret tech, these guys keep the early game under control. It also sets
opponents against the dreaded "20 turn clock". We all know that River Boa is great... I
will leave it at that. Now this Nomadic Elf stuff I would take out, especially if there are
only two in the deck. By the time you draw one your mana base should be fine, plus there
is enough ways to get the appropriate mana without having to pay a green and a colorless
to get. Those Birds would help this out too. I would suggest either a red or white
creature. For now, I would like to add two Benalish Trapper for even more tapping
control. The Arc Mage is good control, the two you have in the deck is exactly what I
have in mind. On to spells...

I like the spell mix as well. Wax/Wane is great! This card asks if you want a pesky
enchantment removed or a mini-giant growth? Keep them. The Scorching Lava is great,
especially against the Nether-Go in the area. This Last Breath looks good, I have long
forgotten how good this card is. I don't expect you to see many creatures you cant go
ahead and totally burn away except for Nether Spirit. I would like to cut one of the four
you have, just for the sake of numbers. Tangle Wire is great when playing some mana
acceleration. Four is slight overkill, if the deck was straight green I would, but three
would suit our purposes. You got the right idea with four Armadillo Cloaks, a losing
situation could be turned around with this card. Now to land.

I do like the set-up of this land, the only thing I would do is change the two Shivan
Oasis, two Elfhame Palaces, a Karplusan Forest, and Keldon Necropolis into two plains, a
mountain, a forest, and two of Rith's Grove. If you dont have those, make them a forest
and a mountain. In this deck and environment, you just want the mana as soon as you lay
it down, especially early game. In the sideboard, I would take out the Thermal Gliders
unless Red is a major pain, instead I would put Light of Day in against Black... keeps
those guys still. I think you can safely remove 2 of the Seals to add 2 Kavu Chameleon for
against blue and story circle control decks. This is the finished product:

Revised Thornscape:

Creatures (20):
4 Thornscape Apprentice
4 Birds of Paradise (Llanowar Elves)
4 Kris Mage
4 River Boa
2 Benalish Trapper
2 Arc Mage

Spells (18):
4 Wax/Wane
4 Scorching Lava
3 Last Breath
3 Tangle Wire
4 Armadillo Cloak

Land (21):
1 Dust Bowl
5-6 Forest
3-4 Mountain
3 Karplusan Forest
4 Plains
4 Brushland
2 Rith's Grove

4 Tangle
4 Light of Day
3 Simoon
2 Seal of Cleansing
2 Kavu Chameleon

Still awake, I think not... Neither am I. I'll make it short next time. Till then.
Samuel "RogueRift" Leavitt