5 Color Blue/Green

For the first article I write, I have chosen to review a Type 2 deck that utilizes the newest mechanic, domain. The premise is that you manage to get as many basic land types out as possable. The cards in the deck, in turn, get better the more there are out. The creator of this deck wanted to know whether to have more creatures or to go for more of a control standpoint. He also said that he has a limited collection of rares, so I "opted" to go to at this from a creature standpoint. Just skip to the bottom to see the finished product without all the boring notes. Here is the deckklist that Fred1000 sent me with my own comments below each card:

>1 Thornscape apprentice
Nice card, but needs to be cut. Doesnt make much sense here...
>2 Capeshan Unicorn Much better ways to cast disenchant besides this
>2 Samite pilgrim Good defensive card, I agree on the 2 here
>2 Kavu Scout AWESOME card for this deck, make it 4 of these
>1 Stratadon
Sorry, but if you want a 5/5 creature that badly, play green >1 Draco Love this card too, add a second if possable
> >Land: >7 Forest
I agree... >4 Island
Make it 7 as well >4 Plains
There is enough search in this deck, make it 3. >4 Swamp
Same as above
>4 Mountian
Same as above > >Spells: >3 Power Armor
Good card, taking one out for an extra creature >2 Wandering Stream
Taking these out, life gain is of limited importance in Type 2 >2 Protective Sphere
Moving these to the sideboard >4 Harrow
Going to take one of these out >3 Tribal Flames
Add an extra of these, good direct damage >2 Elfhame Sanctuary
Add another, this card will be great in the new type 2
>2 Dismantling Blow
These is going to the sideboard
>2 Exotic Curse
Adding another, good control
>2 Gaea's Might
Drop it, Power Armor is good enough
>2 Collective Restraint
Move to sideboard
>3 Allied Strategies
Take these out >1 Exotic Disease Drain life is great, but i rather not...

Total: 46-47 cards
Now to add important creatures. Blastoderms are great, put in 4. This is my favorite part, the new battlemages... They are my favorite creatures in planeshift and are a good addition to this deck, include 3 of both the Stormscape (blue) battlemage and the Thornscape (green) battlemage. Pay the kicker costs if at all possable. If you can find any Quirion Dryads, put 3 of these in. They become fat in a few turns of casting non-green spells. If not, make them Sunscape (white) battlemages. I dont mind going over 60 a couple cards and adding 3 Dream Thrush to 61-62 card total. So far it looks like this:

Creatures (23-24):
2 Samite Pilgrim
3 Dream Thrush
3 Stormscape Battlemage
3 Thornscape Battlemage
3 Quirion Dryad (or Sunscape Battlemage)
4 Blastoderm
4 Kavu Scout
1-2 Draco

Land (23):
7 Forest
7 Island
3 Plains
3 Swamp
3 Mountian

2 Power Armor
3 Harrow
4 Tribal Flames
3 Elfhame Sanctuary
3 Exotic Curse

62 Cards

Good luck, I might play this deck myself :)