Deck submission guidelines:

You're probably wondering just what you need to do to get your deck submitted and crammed full of all the latest techy sauce.  Well wonder no more!  Here are a few simple hints and guidelines on how to send your deck for help!

There are a few things I need to know (this stuff is pretty important)

Please include your name and location. 

This will let me be able to give credit where credit is due!

Give your deck a name and competition level. 

I can name your deck for you, but then when it smashes faces at the next PTQ, it will called "Mikey's Deck" and not "Your Deck", and what fun is that?  Including the level of competition the deck is intended for will also greatly help the tweaking.

Give me a full deck listing to work with.

Please separate the cards by Creatures, Spells, and Land with a Sideboard listed if at all possible.

This should look something like this:

"Mise Tings Chicken Wings" 

4 Weenie Guys
4 Searcher Guys
4 Random Guys
3 Angry Guys
3 Special Guys
2 Amazing Guys
4 Get Stuff
4 Kill Stuff
4 Burn Stuff
3 Good Times
3 Savage Beatings
9 Hot Lands
7 Pure Lands
4 Annoying Lands
2 Killer Lands
SB: 4 Deck Hater Cards
SB: 4 Kill Other Deck Cards
SB: 4 Unstoppable Cards
SB: 3 Technology Cards
Finally - please let me know what your deck is supposed to do, or what you want the deck to accomplish.  If you are having problems beating a specific deck, or if a specific decktype is a bad matchup for you and you want to smash it next week at the local tournament - Tell me all about it and I'll have that deck ready to go to town on your unsuspecting victims!

These guidelines will really improve the turnaround time on deck fixes and make it a lot more likely that I'll pick YOUR deck to be the one that goes to A New Plateau !