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Hey all, and welcome back to the Deck Garage. This week, I get to work on a really fun deck, as it has to fit within *two* theme tournaments. The first is Peasant Magic, which as you may know, only allows you five uncommons and no rares. The second format is Tribal Wars, where 1/3 of the cards in the deck must be of the same creature type.

Joe had this to sayÖ

Hi ya paul. ive only been playing magic for about 6 moths know. and was wondering wehat you thought of my deck . Its run in a phesent magic that also it a tribal wars too.

It's Myr based and would like to keep them. so with no further adoo hers the deck


4-Myr Enforcer

4-Myr Quadropod

4-Myr Moonvessel

4-Copper Myr

2-Gold Myr

2-Myr Mindservent


3-Grafted wargear Uncommon

4-Cranial Plating

4-Chromatic sphere


2-Slagwurn Armor


At this point we still use Skullclamp but will soon stop its use so i need a way to draw more cards

side board

3-revome soul

3-consuming vortex

3-Mana leak




1-Second sight


4-Ancient Den

4-Tree of Tales

3-Seat of the Synod

2-Darksteel citadel


The only 2 restants is it must have at least 1/3 of the cards as the same creature type and no more then 5 Uncommons

and i could spend about 25 or 30 more dollars on it if need be

and help or advice would be great

i win about half of the time right know


Joe T.

The first thing I want to do is ditch Myr Moonvessel Ė it is a liability for mana burn, and there are better Myr roaming around.

-4 Myr Moonvessel

I also want to ditch Myr Mindservant, as it is eating up an uncommon slot. Its ability doesnít really do a lot for the deck, so we can probably find a better uncommon.

-2 Myr Mindservant

Speaking of uncommons, I noticed that another one of Joeís five was Grafted Wargear. Iím not a huge fan of this card, especially when it looks like every dude in Joeís deck needs to count. Thus, away it goes.

-3 Grafted Wargear

I realize that we are a bit low on Myr now. Thus, Iím going to throw in Suntouched Myr. As is stands right now, Joe is really low on anything bigger than a 1/1, so I am willing to cough up the uncommon slots to this guy.

+4 Suntouched Myr

Since Joe is running enough equipment to warrant it, I think the other Myr replacement should be a Myr Adapter. With Bonesplitter and Cranial Plating hanging out in the deck, it should usually be a decent size.

+2 Myr Adapter

While Iím still messing around with the creatures, Iím going to pull Copper Myr in favor of Silver Myr. It doesnít have much effect in the maindeck, but since Joe is playing a lot of blue in the sideboard, Silver Myr will be much more useful.

-4 Copper Myr

+4 Silver Myr

At first, I wasnít a huge fan of Slagwurm Armor, but Joe really does need some help on defense. Thus, Iím going to go ahead and up the count on it to four. Iím not extremely happy doing so, but Iím afraid Joe will get run over by the hordes of big men otherwise. Weíll make room by cutting the soon-to-be-banned Skullclamp.

-2 Skullclamp

+2 Slagwurm Armor

We now have about four slots left it we want to go with twenty lands. I think Iím going to throw in Welding Jar for a little bit of defense, especially since I would imagine a lot of people will be trying to pack artifact removal.

+4 Welding Jar

As far as the lands go, I think I am going to split it up into all artifact lands, and just ignore anything that isnít. Cranial Plating wants artifacts, as does Myr Enforcer, and Iím sure I can find a way to make the Sideboard work even with a lot of blue in it.

-7 Island

-4 Tree of Tales

+2 Darksteel Citadel

+4 Great Furnace

+1 Seat of Synod

+4 Vault of Whispers

In the sideboard, I think the first thing I would like to see is a full set of Disciple of the Vault. Why? I am sure there will be artifact hate all over the place at any tourney, and if Joe runs into someone with a lot of it, then heís in trouble. Disciple helps Joe get a benefit out of that artifact hate if he sees it.

-1 Boomerang

-3 Remove Soul

+4 Disciple of the Vault

Next, Iím not sure Iím digginí Consuming Vortex. Why play that card over Echoing Truth? Iíll assume that the theme tourney will have some deck that really needs Joe to stall his opponent, so letís play four of these.

-3 Consuming Vortex

-1 Twiddle

+4 Echoing Truth

I canít really think of a good reason for Mana Leak to not be in the sideboard; therefore, Mana Leak will stay. For the last change, though, I want to throw in another blue card Ė Blue Elemental Blast. It just isnít fair if you are playing against Red.

-3 Condescend

-1 Second Sight

+4 Blue Elemental Blast

Well, there you have it. Below is the only deck I have ever worked on or made myself that has had twenty creatures, twenty spells, and twenty lands. Nothing wrong with it Ė just amusing.


2 Gold Myr

2 Myr Adapter

4 Myr Enforcer

4 Myr Quadropod

4 Silver Myr

4 Suntouched Myr


4 Bonesplitter

4 Chromatic Sphere

4 Cranial Plating

4 Slagwurm Armor

4 Welding Jar

LAND (20):

4 Ancient Den

4 Great Furnace

4 Seat of the Synod

4 Darksteel Citadel

4 Vault of Whispers


4 Blue Elemental Blast

4 Disciple of the Vault

4 Echoing Truth

3 Mana Leak

Hope that helps, Joe, and good luck! Iíll see yíall next week.

-Paul Hagan




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